The LynxOS RTOS is a Unix-like real-time operating system from Lynx Software Technologies (formerly “LynuxWorks”). Sometimes known as the Lynx Operating . LynxOS® is a deterministic, hard real-time operating system that provides POSIX-conformant APIs in a small-footprint embedded kernel. LynxOS provides. LynxOS is one of two real time operating systems (RTOS) developed and marketed by. LynuxWorks of San José, California. LynxOS is a mature operating .

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LynxOS RTOS Family

Hence there are no new tools to purchase and no new learning curves to climb in order to extend code investments across both the open-source and hard real-time worlds. The threads extensions include specifications for thread creation, control, and cleanup; thread scheduling; thread synchronization; and signal handling. This article is about the real-time operating system. A queuing port is a communication object allowing a partition to access a channel of communication configured to operate in queuing mode.

There are four types of Intrapartition Communication service requests: Pinit executes with operating system root privileges. There are one or more info files per device driver.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lynx Software Technologies addresses these needs with our high performance LynxOS operating systems and tools based on open standards. Perform complex series of tasks within set periods of time Support multiple applications with multiple interrupting devices Take full advantage of today’s powerful high-end microprocessor and advanced networking architecture True Linear Scalability The LynxOS RTOS also exhibits true linear scalability, so that it stays unwaveringly deterministic even as the tasks it performs increase massively.

The POSIX lynoxs provide for communication between an application and the underlying operating system. At the point in the LynxOS initialization where the OS is able to run lynxks, cinit transforms into a unique Pinit process in each partition.

The development configuration a superset of the production configuration has additional features that assist in application development and debugging on LynxOS Our new powerful RTOS security features allow embedded developers to design their systems to be more secure before they are connected to the internet.


LynxOS RTOS – Lynx Software Technologies

It’s as if each partition were its own separate computer. Lynx holds an expired patent on the technology that LynxOS uses to maintain hard real-time performance. This real-time operating system is designed specifically to fulfill the stringent needs of multithread and multiprocess applications in safety-critical real-time systems.

The BSP contains routines for initializing and controlling hardware on the target system. System admin services, available to VM0 that is, VM zero only, include:.

Compatibility with other operating systems, including Linux, followed. LynxOS is mostly used in real-time embedded systemsin applications for avionicsaerospacethe military, [2] industrial process control and telecommunications. Every day, millions of people worldwide are touched by products that rely on Lynx Software Technologies software—from Internet and phone communications, to airline flight-control systems, office automation and medical devices.

Full MMU support, included in the kernel sinceprovides the reliability advantages of protected memory and the performance advantages of virtual addresses. Time partitioning is done through a fixed-cyclic time-slice scheduler, which allocates periods of time to each partition. The dynamic device information files are used to configure the dynamic device drivers for optional devices on the target system.

The dynamic device drivers are hardware access routines for optional devices on lynxls target system. Applications can also make use of the ARINC ports interface to communicate across partition boundaries.

LynxOS Certified RTOS – Lynx Software Technologies

Real-time operating systems RTOS. Lynx Software Technologies software provides the hidden intelligence that empowers, protects and secures our modern world.

The static device drivers are software components that isolate specific details of hardware devices from application software components. Each RTOS partition is assigned one and only one block of memory.

Request a LynxOS evaluation version.

This page was last edited on 9 Januaryat The Usenet newsgroup comp. Porting and compatibility-verification services Full LynxOS consulting and training services on a global basis Long-term support lynzos for development dtos deployment support of a LynxOS RTOS release for an unprecedented 15 years The net result is that Lynx Software Technologies customers not only come to market quickly with high-quality real-time systems, but are able to more effectively provide value to their own customers over the long term.


LynxOS has proven itself in ALL major embedded markets with deployments in telecom, networking, medical, industrial automation, consumer, office automation, and mil-aero.

InLynx introduced a specialized version of LynxOS called LynxOS, especially for use in avionics applications that require certification to industry standards such as DOB. We expect all our embedded market segments, from military and aerospace to industrial, medical and office automation, to benefit from the security and networking improvements in this next generation of LynxOS.

During lynxks, dynamic device drivers etos dynamically linked with LynxOS and effectively become part of the operating system. Each RTOS partition performs like a stand-alone real-time operating system. Comparison of real-time operating systems.

Download a PDF brochure. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. LynxOS is already in millions of devices and this new functionality allows both existing and new customers to bring security to the forefront. This means they need to run more full functioned operating systems, with connectivity and popular human interfaces, require more processing power, including multi-core chips, and are likely to be exposed to the same types of cyber attacks that we are facing in our corporate and personal computers.

The LynxOS operating system is designed to be independent of its underlying hardware platform. Gernerally, a recompilation of the Linux applications is all that is required to move them to the hard real-time LynxOS.

LynxOS Real-time Operating System

InLynxOS was ported to the Intel architecture. Because POSIX conformance ensures code portability between systems, it is increasingly mandated for commercial applications and government contracts. November Learn how and when to remove lynxoos template message. These file systems can be mounted read-write or read-only for additional flexibility in safety-critical environments.