Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Volume 2 · Fenton John Anthony Hort,Sir Arthur Hort No preview available – Life and Letters. Fenton John Anthony Hort. D.D., D.C.L., LLD. SOMETIME HULSEAN PROFESSOR AND LADY MARGARET’S READER. IN DIVINITY IN THE. Life and Letters contains a collection of F. J. A. Hort’s letters arranged chronologically with biographical notes by his son, Arthur Fenton Hort. Volume one covers.

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I begun a Greek Delectus to-day with Mr. It gives an account of an university of women the Princess being the headand the moral, an excellent one, shows that the rivalry of the sexes is absurd, that each has its own place, and each is necessary to the other.

But you might say with quite as much reason, oife How dreadful that men who do this should be allowed to live at all,” and then proceed to exterminate them. It was very hard work at one time, for they passed along very quick.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort – Fenton John Anthony Hort – Google Books

I am very happy here, though still I wish to be again among you all. Mill has, I grieve to say, verified the ac counts of him. Whewell being at the time president and C. Subsequent letters reveal not only the width of his interests as an undergraduate, but also how well prepared was his mind by nature and Rugby training to gather all the intellectual advantages of the University. Fenton John Anthony Hort. There was then some discussion as to the respective honours of Adams and Leverrier; Adams said that he gave Leverrier the full credit of the discovery, but, as a matter of calculation, he claimed for himself the credit of prior and independent con jecture.


Punctually at ten the authorities arrived, and here a fable was dispelled. Her education had given her the hoort and scrupulous accuracy which she transmitted to her son. My dearest Father Fengon open Kate s envelope to tell you that the affair of the Chancellorship is getting most serious.

We give and receive money, eat our dinners, whiz away at sixty miles an hour on railways, drink in wisdom from the daily press, go through certain alternations of sitting, uort, and kneeling for a couple of hours once or it may be twice a week in a particular building commonly called a church, and perform many functions of the same kind, pas sively and sometimes quasi – actively with our bodies, but always merely passively with our minds. You do not often see or hear anything of them now.

Everything is perfectly quiet here after the Election.

Owen is too unwell to admit visitors ; I should like to see it. For the earlier years at least the epistolary material is enough, I think, to give a very fair portraiture. The New Court is fireproof, but my rooms abut on Nevill s Court. Had the engines been five minutes later, it must have caught the first staircase in NevilPs Court, and from one end to the other, with the exception of the outer walls, is one mass [of] old oak, partitions and all!

I met a friend, who told me that the kitchens were on fire. The time draws near when, if I live so long, I am to quit school for ever, and thus the second period of my existence will soon be over ; and so my mind naturally reverts more strongly to what has never been altogether absent from my thoughts for full six years, and what both of you have frequently reminded me of, I mean the choice of a profession for life.

In this search for a definite locus standi he was attracted by the writings of F. She had a fine ear for music, and it was a rare pleasure to hear her read aloud. I am carefully reading Derwent Coleridge s Sermons on the Church; they are truly excellent and beautiful, though the tone is occasionally per haps rather too ecclesiastical instead of Catholic.


A third daughter, Josephine, was born at Boulogne inbut died at the age of three. It was natural that at Cambridge he should seek out first the teachers of the Evangelical school, who then represented what was best in the religious life of the University.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

What he said was Christian, sensible, and well suited to his audience, and no lfe. Cromwell s right to a statty in Westminster Abbey! Before I do any thing more, therefore, I want to know your wish.

In a word, he was thoroughly domestic ; home to him was everything, and the home life was a real society. John s had made his calcula tions in the spring, and sent them to Greenwich to Airy, the Astronomer-Royal ; but he paid no attention anthonj them, and to his neglect Sedgwick attributed the loss of the honour to England of the discovery.

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Mount and claim your glorious meed: His son, of whom an account is given in the Dictionary of National Biography, was brought up as a Nonconformist, and was a schoolfellow and lifelong friend of Isaac Watts, 1 who spoke of him as ” the first genius in the academy,” viz.

An estate in Co. How strange that Louis Philippe should twice have to seek shelter in England, where I suppose he is by this time.