The Berglas Effect is considered, by the cognoscenti, to be the holy grail of to card magic by one of the greatest authors of magic books, Richard Kaufman. ‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer by John Keyes Note: Because of that it afforded me–call F.O.R.K. (Friends Of Richard Kaufman), I feel it. Almost pages• Oversized, Hardcover• Dustjacket, Inserts, and 3D Glasses• Includes 3 DVDs• Over 60 Pages Devoted to “The Berglas Effect” and “Any Card .

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It provides a great way to allow you to organize and create everything the performer needs, from methods and presentations, to audience and promotion. Rather than spoon-feed you the answer, which does no one any good, I suggest seeking out a book called The Berglas Effects by Richard Kaufman. Olympic Adam Inner begrlas Posts. Have a question about this product?

One may achieve the effect by hiding the fact that the performer handles the deck, but—if he is allowed to manipulate it, then why bother with the maths?

We all must remember the fault may be with the reader and the writer s. Mr Kaufmann seems to be a most unlikeable fellow, and I rarely visit his dreadful little forum anyway. Just point to one” When 5 cards were selected he asked me a series of questions which made it look like I was thinking of one of the five cards but wasn’t really. I’ll critique each chapter to the best of my abilities.


Jeez, I just looked at the guy’s final YouTube video. The Berglas Effect is considered, by the cognoscenti, to be the holy grail of card tricks. I would definitely recommend this book as a must read.

Magic Tricks

Ask yourself this question: Then he fanned the pack face upwards and said to me “just point out a card, but don’t pre-select one” When I pointed to one he said ‘you actually touched the one next to it but you can have either one you want’ and he did this 4 times often reprimanding me thus, “I told you not to pre-select a card.

Close examination of his videotaped performances proves him to be a highly skilled and well practiced card manipulator of the traditional sort. There are too few in the magic community that will make either it seems to me. Dvd 2 is performances of this “Jazz” style. How do different magic tricks work?

The dvd material also covers a couple of performance clips of this chapter. D’autres l’ont-ils lu ce fameux livre? My favorite think a card method is when the spectator takes the deck, shuffles it, goes across the room, is asked to look through the deck and just think of a cardsquare the pack up and bring it back to you.

Simply because using other methods, the spectator who chooses the number cannot be the only person who handles the deck…unless he, himself is the stooge — or if gimmicked cards are used.

Second, either the person saying out the number or the dealer revealing the card is in on the trick. I think this discussion has been very civil. The Berglas Effect is fully described in the book, and if one reads the entire book more than once for full comprehension it should become clear that any named card can be reached from as many as 14 different numbers.


How does Richard Wiseman’s “the grid” card trick work? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

A lot of great works in this book. Notify me of new comments via email. Little Door by R. In the phenomenal theatrical version, the performer handles the cards only at bberglas very beginning.

The whole point is so that in watching them you effwct see what David is doing and learn to do the same things. Kaufman is not a fan of free expressions of opinions.

The Magic Cafe Forums – My review of Berglas Effects

It amuses me greatly to read the nonsense on the Genii forum, and the kakfman and ill-conceived opionions of those who purport to know so much about the Art of Magic. Which is harder card magic or coin magic? And if that is the case, then it is likely you already own the materials.

I read this book and as I read “The Kaufmah Effects” and I continued reading the explanation I thought that this is not possible. Multiple spectators think or name cards and he finds them.