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Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. further information on suspending speakers contact JBL and request Technical Trapezoidal enclosures (except SRX, SRX, SRX, SRX) for. The system features a JBL H UHF driver added to the incredible SRX two-way. The SRX in combination with the SRX sub-woofer is an.

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The rig was wired with one amp channel to each box 4 ohm load per amp ch It had to 7419 about the least impressive combination I have ever used.

Originally posted by Audiopile quote: Maybe i should engage the 40hz sub-sonic filter on the amps. Better safe than sorry!

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There should be a high pass filter programmed into the DR. First off,Thanks for all the replies. Where can I find the info on it? What is the best amp for JBL srx? But I guess that the owner knows, that he can’t give the speaker that much power continously, but for peaks it is ok For applications that require extremely high output and thundering bass, use the SRX on top of the SRX subwoofer.

If not, your drivers are getting the crap beat out of them. Of course, the distortion skyrocketed as well. The time now is Most speakers can’t take the whole power mechanically without leaving the air gap. It delivers all the output needed to cut through very high stage volumes.


I’ve already had too many of those this weekend, if you catch my drift. If only it was that easy Karl “Maybe you better answer that one in a pm I’m looking for direction not esoteric answers.

What this tells me is that you need a couple more sub boxes rather than more power. Im still borrowing 2 amps from a friend one and the July 08, Hey Terry, How does the like the bridged 4 ohm load? I currently have a H, and a H basket, and was planning on running the dual sub with 2 AB systems ‘s running wpc into each side.

You will need to move to their ‘s which offers a higher xmax. They’ll kill hbl subs anyways. Does anyone have a similar system,or any suggestions? Ford Newbie Offline Posts: Applications Front of house Full range instrument stage monitor Drum stage monitor.

Heres the weird thing,we were playing a person club,and had the sytem really shacking some pant legs,then i look over and i see the clip light on the big sub amp twinkling when the drummer hit jbp kick.

In talking to the JBL reconer who had it he uses ‘s in his business, but wouldn’t sell any kits unless they were purpose ordered for me, and since the season for shows is upon him, that might mean my cabinet is empty until September. That wouldnt cause it right?

Morgan Sound, Inc. – JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofers – SOLD

Its the same size as my Originally posted by Audiopile What specifically are you unimpressed with? If you’re not getting enough bass there could be a problem somewhere else.


But don’t forget that leaving the air gap doesn’t mean that it can’t produce any more SPL. I had a chance to purchase a an 47719 condition dual 18″ sub cabinet this weekend jjbl July 11, Andy did you almost suggest a bridged amp! A top mounted socket and optional telescoping pole make it a great bass in more ways than one for one of the SR-X 12″ two-way models. The SRX 12″ two-way stage monitor features watts of power capacity and 95dB sensitivity.

Is the system phase checked? Mike Lefty Deline Jr.

JBL Sr-x Series 4719 Sr4719x Dual 18″ Subwoofers

I have six of these subs and im 47719 2 Yorkville s on 4 of the subs and a on the 2 that are left. All times are GMT Should I plan on reconing both as ‘s or as ‘s? Just a quick note Where, other that this website can I find a forum to talk to sound engineers and the like from Harmon as he said.

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Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I use two ‘s and two ‘s.