BORANG PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL JADUAL CARUMAN BULANAN 8A Bayaran Tunai. UNTUK CARUMAN BULAN b b 2 0 1 t. SOSCO (PERKESO). Borang 8A. Jadual Caruman. Borang 2 (Pendaftaran Pekerja). Borang 1A (Perhentian Majikan). EPF (KWSP). Borang A. Jadual Caruman. DownloadReport. Published on Oct SOCSO Contribution Schedule Jadual Caruman SOCSODocuments ยท THE SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANISATION .

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Then they will tell me what to do.

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If only they give back on retirement like National Insurance in the UK. SIP Form 8A in text format c.

U got skill and hardworking, within 3 month easily find new job. Assist portal is super suck just wasting my time I can browse the portal now. IPerkeso payment need you manually key in one by one if jafual mistaken. Then they say also must bring the Borang 1 copy Yes, but deduct from the tax not from our salary.

Still via cheque at the moment. In the end also register assist again.

So, perkeao need to go to Perkeso counter. Your company hr should setup everything for u dy. So can we withdraw this EIS when we retire? Feb 6 Mana-mana pekerja yang telah mencapai umur lima puluh tujuh tahun 57 atau yang telah mencapai umur enam puluh tahun 60 3.


The rate of contribution is subject to a maximum wage cap of RM4, Data Entry like a Mad Man.

Jadual Caruman Bulanan (Borang 8A)

Obviously Bijan mia BN takde duit. They all said 57 dont need. Now everything fakap, lmao. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post 3. Later temporary password expired again have to apply bee password. Kedah Khap Khoun Khap 4K. That’s the confusing part. If he is retrenched next month, is he able to claim for EIS benefits? Untuk kebajikan rakyat bersama. I asked their staff if no register, penalty 10k plus interest.

Cilaka There goes my jiken cha siu rice plate every month. Wanna ask about filling up form.

They are so disorganised that you write your own receipts. Why want to change? D i have doubt also, need some help: Show posts by this member only Post 8. Keyed in my email address as the registration form submitted earlier then click forgot password. Assist still works for the most part The text file is for Assist Portal. It’s our blood and sweat hard earn salary of cos we have the says.

And dah confirm dah. Government should fork out the money because they the one enforced it by saying helping the people.

Mana-mana pekerja yang di bawah umur lapan belas tahun 18 2. Can you confirm this?

  ASTM D5191 PDF

Socso procedures

If through FPX probably, but alternate methods are not implemented yet. On my way Group: Although I can agree to some extent that this is one of the reason to songlap but at least there’s something to support u if u got retrenched. What is Pekerja Hidmat? Jan 25 Those doing well will have to cover those not doing well at the risk of increased criminal activities if they don’t.

Socso procedures

Even terminate you still cant claim unless is retrenchment. So just to get this right, when can we claim from the eis? Go back to iperkeso site, easily submitted and paid This post has been edited by xyekit: Jan 15 This post has been edited by deathTh3Cannon: The portal not yet fully functional already want to start collecting money next month And it’s weird that iperkeso can’t pay for the eis while it’s under prrkeso Nd to pay over the counter.

They say can email lah, but if you’re already going there, you might as well do it in person?