“Jacques Poulin is one of the finest and most underrated novelists in Quebec. Volkswagen Blues confirms his calibre as a writer, and may give him the. 1 The year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Governor General’s Award-winner Jacques Poulin’s popular novel Volkswagen Blues. The novel Volkswagen Blues is a novel that was written by Jacques Poulin. It was originally published in French in , and was translated into English in

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When he finally reaches his brother, he finds him on his deathbed, and reflects on his brother’s situation and the parallels with a society that has no respect whatsoever for it’s roots and it’s past. It is, of course, a very convenient conception since a dead or dying people does not need any consideration or rights. U of California P, Ending moral is very predictable and not much though.

But a long road trip and there are a few mentions of Kerouac in passing is of course sexier, especially if you’re a guy of forty by chance spending the summer with a beautiful half-Indian girl half your age, cuddling up at night in the sleeping bag with her — but then, there’s virtually no mention of sex here, the only real occasion being when they hit the continental divide and la Grande Sauterelle strips naked ready for a sexy celebration with Jack, who can only respond by ejaculating prematurely.

I really enjoyed that there was not a “perfect” ending for these characters. I think it must have lost a lot in translation. The only trace he had was a year-old postcard from a small town in Quebec.


Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To learn and to feel? I recommend Poulin to anyone and this is not the least of his books.

Volkswagen Blues was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for French-language fiction at the Governor General’s Awards and was one of the selected novels in the edition of Canada Readswhere it was championed by author and former National Librarian of Canada, Roch Carrier. The man is a jscques whose nom de plume is Jack Waterman. Jack usually just referred to as ‘l’homme’ doesn’t exactly come over as fulfilling traditional masculine functions in this refreshingly feminist-leaning male-written novel in which la Grande Sauterelle not only has the brain power and the sex drive, but she’s also pretty useful with a toolbox when the Volks breaks down and Jack is reduced to wiping the sweat from her brow as she works away.

Together, driving an old Volkswagen minivan, they traced the footsteps of the French explorers jaacques the St. CD Audiobook 0 editions.

Volkswagen Blues

My only dislike was the unwinding after the climax, which I thought was insufficient. Volkswagen Blues is a road novelin the tradition of Jack Kerouacabout a middle-aged, formerly successful writer who has adopted the pen-name Jack Waterman a metonymy can play on Waterman pens and, as the novel begins, is experiencing a bout of writer’s block.

My advice — don’t bother — there are so many more-entertaining books about the impact of the French in North America, about road trips, and so on. Along the way they work themselves through a great deal of North American history via the things they see and the “borrowed” library books they read to each otherlooking both at the often-overlooked French voyageur tradition and at the fate of the Native Americans as Europeans moved into their lands.


Recent Comments Scott W. Jack Waterman sets out from Quebec to find his long-lost brother.

At least, the outcome. Contact If you wish to contact me: This one volkswaen good because it gave the trip a purpose and it both explored the construction of North America and the personal quests of the characters. It is hardly surprising when this plan fails — sleeping with dead Indians does not do much for her sense of self: As Justice points out, this is highly hypocritical.

With no chance of building community in the present, la Grande Sauterelle suffers from a sort of nostalgic melancholia and spends a great deal of time looking off into the horizon: To date, this has not been the case; it remains to be seen whether or not he will honour this commitment.

Trivia About Bluds Blues. This is a book I will reread to savour again the company of the travellers. Sermons on multiculturalism seem dated now but were likely somewhat radical at time book was written.

The ending is not what you would expect. To ask other readers questions about Volkswagen Bluesplease sign up.

I liked the style of writing.