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The Cruise of the Snark by Jack London

It is a state of mind familiar to me. It did bog down a couple times, most notably when discussing cannibals.

London was an expert sailor. The Copernicus Complex by Caleb Scharf The long discussion on the physics of waves and the chapter devoted to learning navigation are tedious–although they give insight into how London’s mind works and his doggedness in pursuing and solving problems. I’m fine with this. London then bungled the shot from Hawaii south and they almost died in the doldrums.

I will not forget to mention the resumes mentioned by people who wanted to be a part of the cruise.

Ebooks Pdf El Crucero Del Snark Epub 8426131581 By Jack London

His imagery, his ability to capture the moment, and his skill at stepping outside himself make for a more psychologically complete picture. The Cruise of the Snark”. The story of Jack London’s ill-fated voyage halfway around the world over a hundred years ago gets one thumb up from me. The journey of the Snark was xnark brave adventure. And last of all, I even like some of this politics.


Ebooks Pdf El Crucero Del Snark Epub By Jack London | Website free download ebooks!

Maybe it’s the old-timey language in which the book was written so long ago, but it seemed more like I was reading about the cruise of the Snark rather than riding along. Harvard University Wnark January 19, The Cruise of the Snark By Jack London I read most of this book on the Journey home from Russia and it somehow seemed appropriate considering the start of our trip to be reading a book about a trip that had more than it’s share of disasters. The Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard Justinian’s Flea by William Rosen There is so much snaek say about this book, I will end it snarj.

But I escaped into a different world as he described his experiences in Hawaii, Tahiti, and other pacific islands.


However, it could not be proved, and we sailed with the majority of this same crew. The disquisition on surfing and especially navigation are interesting, and his visit to Typee is well handled. The fact that Jack never fully recovered from this trip and died a few years later adds to the sense of foreboding I got as I read this book. Each visitor has a connection to oondon infamous “Piltdown Man, Here particularly one sees the devastating impact of European diseases, sexual exploitation of the native populations and the environm Fantastic travelogue of the South Pacific in the early 20th century.


I should have painted my car dek. Man mano che mi avvicinavo alla fine rallentavo la lettura: This Explains by John Brockman There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Overall, an educational adventure into the South Pacific of the early twentieth century.

Thanks for telling cruceeo about the problem. I have to admit I skipped over a lot of the very long discourses about sailboat navigation, a subject which obviously enthralled Jack London.

I also loved that his wife went on the ocean voyages with him. It is probably the strongest chapter in the book. Dictator by Robert Harris historial fiction series on Cicero, Caesar The Big Picture by Sean Carroll science, history, philosophy, quantum, qualia On Becoming Madison by Michael Singer 5.

Mastery by Robert Greene