at [email protected] I believe this is the article=3D=3D=3D So why is Enron trading at such a huge multiple? Bethany McLean. Known for, “Is Enron Overpriced?” Spouse(s), Chris Wilford (m. , d) Sean M. Berkowitz(m. ). Children, 2. Bethany McLean (born December 12, ) is an American journalist who is a contributing first wrote about Enron with her article in the March 5, issue of Fortune entitled, “Is Enron Overpriced?”. Article profiles Bethany McLean, Fortune magazine financial writer who highlighted on its cover with the headline, ”Is Enron Overpriced?”.

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Bethany McLean

Create your own alert to be notified on topics you’re interested in. Why it’s time for investors to go on the defense.

Enron now trades at roughly 55 times trailing earnings. We don’t want to tell anyone where we’re making money.

Enron has an even higher opinion of itself. In addition to its commodities business, Enron has another division called Assets and Investments that is every bit as mysterious.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By almost every measure, the company turned in a virtuoso performance: Enron also uses derivatives, like swaps, options, and forwards, to create contracts for third parties and to hedge its exposure to credit risks and other variables.

Considers whether the stocks of United States energy company Enron are overpriced, as of March 5, In its annual report the company wrote that “the use of financial instruments by Enron’s businesses may expose Enron to market and credit risks resulting from adverse changes in commodity and equity prices, interest rates, and foreign exchange rates.


Highlights include the tale of jungle survival “Wings of Hope,” the gorgeous, philosophic ski-flying documentary “The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner” and, of course, the infamous and self-explanatory “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.

But all of these expectations are based on what Wolfe, the J. Stock prices and its link to investor acceptance; Evaluation of the real value of all-share agreements; Influence of economic indicators on the volatility of the stock markets.

History of Nuclear Energy Production. Enron has an even higher opinion of itself. Enron also uses derivatives, like swaps, options, and forwards, to create contracts for third parties and to hedge its exposure to credit risks and other variables.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. This business involves building power plants around the world, operating them, selling off pieces of them, “invest[ing] in debt and equity securities of energy and communications-related business,” as Enron’s filings note, and other things.

Accounting standards mandate that its assets and liabilities from its wholesale business be “marked to market”–valued at their market price at a given moment in time. And as Long Term Capital taught us, the best-laid hedges, even those designed by geniuses, can go disastrously wrong.

Enron doc debuts just in time for trial of Lay, Skilling – Chicago Tribune

The fact that Enron’s cash flow this year was meager, at least when compared with earnings, was partly a result of its wholesale business. Enron then receives a “servicing fee,” but Skilling says that all the risks for example, changes in the value of the assets and liabilities are then transferred to the buyer. Actually, analysts don’t seem to have a clue what’s in Assets and Investments or, more to the point, what sort of earnings it will generate.

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Morgan’s private bank, ovverpriced despite his remark is an Enron fan.

By almost every measure, the company turned in a virtuoso performance: Not surprisingly, the critics are gushing. To some observers, Enron resembles a Wall Street firm.

And the inability to get behind the numbers combined with ever higher expectations for the company may increase the chance of a nasty surprise. At the least, these sorts of hard-to-predict earnings are usually assigned a lower multiple. In McLean received a B. More from Fortune Will Mmmhops be a hit?

Bethany McLean – Wikipedia

The company also blames short-sellers for talking down Enron. But Enron says that extrapolating from its financial oveepriced is misleading. If articl thought Enron was just an energy company, have a look at its SEC filings.

Deluxe Edition” Sony,2: SoftBank articlee Toyota want driverless cars to change the world. Retrieved March 11, And unlike a trading firm, which thrives when prices are going wild, Enron says that volatility has no effect on its profits–other than to increase customers, who flock to the company in turbulent times.

In the end, it boils down to a question of faith. Despite the fact that Enron has been talking about reducing its debt, in the first nine months of its debt went up substantially. In written reports, Morgan Stanley chalked up the decline to the poor performance of Enron’s “significant number of investments” in telecom stocks; Dain Rauscher Wessels blamed it on a lack of asset sales.