Buy Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/instantaneous water heaters and boilers Stiebel Eltron KW Panel Convector Heater with 24 hr Mechanical Timer. The Intergas Combi Compact HR has been a best selling HE boiler in the Netherlands for many years. . Intergas Fitting Kit A 28/24 & ECO RF 30 (Rear Jig). The Intergas Combi Compact HR has been a best selling HE boiler in the Netherlands Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 Condensing Boiler A Rated Pump.

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All in all, it’s good for the enviroment and kind to your wallet. Key features of this design which are protected by GB Patent application number 2 and European Patent application number 2 are the bottom mounted bleed pointthe ease with which the canister can be fully emptied and that the canister can also double as a dosing point for liquid water treatment chemicals.

The aluminium heat exchanger comprises of two separate copper circuits. Warm Water Underfloor Heating Kits. Due to the separate central heating and hot water circuits the Intergas Combi Compact HRE doesn’t use a diverter valve or a secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger. MDPE – Medium-density polyethylene. Double click on above image to view full picture.

All orders received after the 20th December The two systems cannot operate simultaneously. The flue part is installed with the Intergas mm Non-Telescopic or mm Non-Telescopic flue kits to centralize the flue outlet of the Intergas boiler. You have no items in your shopping cart. Mono Basin Mixer Taps.

A separate transmitter is no longer required. These halve the boilers’ electricity consumption. The slim, ultra modern design complements the large LCD screen with the Line of Text LoT display and one function button to ensure simplified programming and operation for all users. A combi or combination boiler ‘combines’ a high-efficiency water heater with a central heating boiler in one compact unit. Altenic DitmagIQ Magnetic In-Line Filter New Dirtmag IQ is the smart choice when it comes to efficient dirt and air separation from your heating or cooling system – supplied with isolation valves therefore no need for isolation when servicing.


Double Panel Double Convector Radiators. Installing Dirtmag IQ helps reduce energy consumption costs as well as system wear and tear to preserve and prolong the life of pumps and boilers.


Intergas Kombi-Kompakt HRE 28/24 RF HR Combiketel 7,6 – 23,4 kW CW4

Band A Condensing Boiler boiler only. Band A Condensing Boiler boiler only. Stelrad Savanna x mm K1 Single Radiator. Less parts means more reliability!

Double Panel Double Convector Radiators. A switch-mode power supply reduces the so called stand-by losses to almost zero.

HRE 36/30 A – Intergas

Its unique double HE technology was a major breakthrough at the time. Grasslin Magnetic Filter In-Line 22mm. Welcome on Heating and Plumbing Warehouse’s website! Intergas is a pioneer in the field of high-efficiency HE central heating engineering.

This flue option is recommended when an existing boiler will be replaced with an Intergas boiler. The secret of the energy efficient design of the Combi Cpmpact ECO RF boilers lies in the unique patented double two-in-one heat exchanger, which ensures the reduction of heat losses and an optimum transfer of heat. With the help of the special Intouch service app the installer can monitor and read-out the boiler and, if needed, adjust and alter the parameter settings.


Double Panel Single Convector Radiators. To find out the delivery cost first you need to add this product to the Basket and then use the ‘Estimate Delivery’ form. The standard hrozontal flue is ideal for new installations as the conbi outlet on the Intergas boilers are on the left hand side. Single Panel Single Convector Radiators. Product reviews Be the first to write a review about this product! The CM series of Wireless Programmable Thermostats is designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating or cooling systems in domestic and light commercial buildings.

Thanks to the economical operation of the Intergas boiler a considerable saving in energy consumption is achieved.

Intergas Offset Elbow Retro Fit. You have no items in your shopping cart. Bath Shower Mixer Taps. Furthermore if so required Intouch can connect the consumer directly to the installer. All orders received after the 20th December Offset elbow is suitable for Intergas boilers only for retro fit.

To fit the Intergas boiler with the expansion vessel next to the boiler or the vessel is hidden somewhere in the attic the Fitting Kit B is the ideal solution. This means the power is adjusted in line with the desired heat requirements.

A speparate transmitter is no longer required. The vertical flue can be fitted straight on the Intergas boilers using the adaptor which is included.