[PDF] Htc Touch Hd T Manual Free Download PDF Book is the book you are looking for, by download PDF Htc Touch Hd T Manual. December 9th, – HTC Touch HD T Blackstone Manual User Htc T Touch HD Smartphone Pdf User Manuals View online or. User manual – HTC Touch HD User Manual ( MB); Quick start guide – HTC Touch HD Model – HTC Touch HD™ T (overseas), T (Australia).

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To reduce risk of fire or burns: In full screen mode, tap the screen to switch back. The next time the device is turned on, you will be prompted to enter your password. Page Note If your SIM card supports multiple network operator profiles, the next message that appears will display network profile choices. The commands on this menu vary, depending on which screen you are viewing.

Specify the type of category for your appointment, so that it can be grouped with other related appointments. Choose a special effect such as Grayscale, Sepia, or Negative, to apply to your photos or video clips.

Note On the Device Setup dialog box, make sure that the Sync this device automatically check box is selected.

You can also efficiently manage your files and folders using File Explorer. Threaded SMS lets you see exchanged messages similar to a chat program with a contact on the screen. Page Note If the E-mail Setup wizard was unsuccessful in finding and downloading settings from the Internet, select Internet e-mail from the Your e-mail provider list on the next screen.

Set up an Exchange Server connection Before you can synchronize or access information on the Exchange Server, you need to set up an Exchange Server connection on your device.

Alarms can also be set at specified days and times of a week. Select a message in the thread that you want to copy to the SIM card.

Select a preset category such as Business or Personal, or tap New to create your own tpuch.

HTC Touch HD User Manual

Using Block Recognizer To lock the keyboard in Numeric and Symbol mode You can lock the keyboard in Numeric and Symbol mode so you can continuously enter symbols and numbers. The files will begin synchronizing to your device. Be sure your computer is properly grounded earthed before connecting this product to the computer.


Clear Storage Important If Encrypt files when placed on a storage card is enabled, backup all files from the storage card before using Clear Storage, hard reset, or updating the ROM system software. Note If you synchronize multiple devices with the same computer, each device must have a unique name. QuickGPS is preconfigured to connect to these servers. Flagging messages, which has been a useful feature on desktop Outlook E-mail, can also be done in Outlook Mobile on your device. Organize and search contacts To group similar contacts For easier management, you can group similar contacts by assigning them to categories.

To install a microSD card Insert the microSD card into the slot with its gold contacts facing down until it clicks into place. Select the connection that your device uses for MMS messages. Page Tap Connect. Tap Categories, then select a preset category Business, Holiday, Personal, or Seasonalor tap New to create your own category.

HTC Touch HD Manual / User Guide

Select the Use signature with this account check box. Select multiple days by tapping each desired day.

Since FM Radio uses the provided stereo wired headset as an antenna, you must plug in the headset first onto the earphone jack of your device before you open the program. Scroll down to the channel you want to delete and then tap On the confirmation screen, tap Yes. Using Audio Booster Tap to select a category for example, My Music or My Playlists. Enter a folder name, then tap Create. This can be useful when your device is running slower than normal, or a program is not performing properly.

Touch the icon area in the title bar and then touch the Speaker icon the System Status screen. When the photo of the desired contact is displayed, touch the displayed photo and then touch Send e-mail. To open the Camera screen On the Home screen, slide to the Photos and Videos tab and then tap the camera icon. To select a messaging account Do one of the following: A pop-up message should appear on your device saying that a connection has been established between your device and car kit phone.


Panorama Captures a sequence of still images continuously in one direction, and allows stitching of all the images to create a panoramic view of a scenery. It has an Auto Setup feature which can automatically set up your e-mail account based on the e-mail address and password that you enter, if your e-mail provider settings are preconfigured on your device.

Select the phone number that you want to create a voice tag for, then touch Record To ensure voice recognition accuracy, record your voice in a quiet place. This limits the download to just the e-mail message that you want and helps save data cost. Page To enter punctuation and symbols Transcriber comes with an on-screen keyboard that provides an easy way to add punctuation or a special symbol to existing text.

Tap to open a list where you can change Opera Mobile settings, check downloads, view History, and more. The amount of memory allocated to data storage versus program storage is displayed, as well as the amount of memory in use versus the available memory.

htc touch hd t manual

You can either use the main back camera t2882 second front camera to take photos or shoot videos. Click Start Sync to start synchronizing the selected files to your device.

The direction of swiping resembles the way you move a printed document as you are reading it. To record a voice note You can create a stand-alone recording voice note or you can add a recording to a note.

Slide the SIM card completely into the slot. After tapping 2 keys and the number you are dialing is not found in your contacts, a Save to Contacts?

Enter the user name and password, if required, then tap Finish. Settings On Your Device To quickly delete, rename, or copy a file, tap and hold the file, then choose the desired operation on the shortcut menu.