Honegger’s Danse de la chèvre (‘The Goat Dance’, ), dedicated to René Le Roy, shares Tailleferre’s interest in matters pastoral. A languorous, mysterious. Download La Danse de la Chèvre, H 39 by Arthur Honegger for free from Buy Danse de La Chevre (Flute Solo Unaccompanied at Flute Sheet Music. Arthur Honegger – Editions Salabert, Inc. Danse de La Chevre.

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The editions that are out now were derived from a partial transcript found in Honegger’s transcriptionist’s works. The original manuscript of this piece has been lost.

Notify me of new comments via email. The topic is the dance of a goat on a grassy hill after the winter snows have melted away. You are commenting using your Twitter account. C Section abbreviated mm. Do you think this piece is about life in honeegger or a dream of dancing?

This piece is available for purchase sanse Amazon: In fact, the piece opens with a tritone! You are commenting using your WordPress. Authority control MusicBrainz work: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. B Section abbreviated mm. Views Read Edit View history.


Danse de la chèvre – Wikipedia

Bb minor was the key that the goat was searching chevee in the beginning of the piece but did not fully appreciate when he ka found it measure The piece ends the same way it begins with a tritone and series of interconnected 4ths and closes with an ethereal C harmonic tone.

Perhaps it is a dream. Return of the dance. The final C harmonic represents the moment the goat awakens from his dream. The return of the A section brings us through the clouds again as the goat awakens from his dream.

This is simply the same Bb minor chord from the end of the original B section mm. Like the previous abbreviated B section, this repetition uses dynamics to musically fade out of the texture. Problems playing this file? Following this theme is a more melodic theme or idea that gives off a more calming feeling. Retrieved from ” https: This goat wants to dance in Bb minor — honegher whine in minor 3rds and strange interconnected 4ths.

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Rachel Taylor Geier

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The song and dance we perform for the world simply represents who we want to be but our values create who we are and stick with us throughout our lives. Something is not quite right about the this scene…The upcoming dance is foreshadowed in measure 7 in the lower octave as the goat attempts his first dance steps.

Perhaps it is a commentary regarding the circular nature of life and our search for perfection within chaos.

What do you think this piece represents based on the formal analysis? A Section mm It is approximately three and a half minutes long.

Of course another interpretation based on an analysis of the form is that the goat is merely dreaming and the different sections represent scenes in the dream. The dramatic dance and downfall.