public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [8]. public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [12]. Nordrhein-Westfalen: Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz (HFG) vom (GVBl. , consulted.

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The students may participate to the extent that they can invoke the fundamental right to freedom of hocyschulfreiheitsgesetz and occupational training Art. Likewise, it must be ensured that the criteria chosen are sufficiently open — e. The Bologna Declaration on the European Higher Education Area is a mere measure of cooperation to pursue European objectives in the education sector.

To a large extent, the Act leaves the process, the legal nature and the legal effects of accreditation decisions unspecified. Hocbschulfreiheitsgesetz applies all the more where evaluation criteria are set by actors outside the higher education institutions, as this increases the risk that academic concerns are disregarded, and where the members of higher education institutions are dependent on the external evaluation.

The claimant in the initial proceedings is a private university of applied sciences, S… gGmbH. Although the decision on recognition, like the decision of the accreditation agencies, is directed at the higher education institution as such, it nevertheless also involves an external evaluation of study programmes with regard to their content and educational and instructional approach.

While no specific results nor interpretations of academic findings are prescribed, the review is by no means limited to merely assessing the coherence of the teaching objectives with the qualification objectives, or the manner in which the imparting of academic knowledge is organised, either. The determination of what is essential derives from the key principles of the Basic Law, and most notably hochschulfreihetisgesetz the fundamental rights enshrined therein.

The legislature must enact revised legislation that complies with the constitutional requirements. In addition, the Act on the Accreditation Foundation itself fails to satisfy the constitutional requirements in this respect.


The Center for Graduate Studies CGSwhich supports the research activities of doctoral students at the university, opens on 29 April. The accreditation requirement constitutes complete preventive monitoring, hochschulfreiheltsgesetz must be renewed regularly, due to the generally applicable time limits [ In particular, there are no requirements that safeguard the adequate participation of research and teaching staff in the accreditation process.

This does not satisfy the requirements of the essential-matters doctrine Wesentlichkeitsvorbehalt for justifying a restriction of the freedom of research and teaching. The new Rectorate assumes office on 1 September.

Wie das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung Politik an Hochschulen macht – Studis Online

General contact details of provider: Admittedly, less-restrictive means would be available, in form of a review limited to formal compliance with relevant standards or as a review limited to plausibility and evident errors in the self-documentation submitted by higher education institutions. Uncertainty with regard to the legal status of the agencies, however, not only affects their procedures but also impairs legal protection against their decisions.

In view of the present-day internationalisation of labour markets and of research and teaching, the legislature may also require the accreditation process to evaluate the international comparability of study programmes, provided that other criteria do not supersede the relevant discipline-specific academic criteria. This allows to link your profile to this item.

Ursula Kocher, literary yochschulfreiheitsgesetz at the BUW. The School of Education — inaugural ceremony held on 29 October — aims to strengthen school-focused educational research and optimise the training offered to students aiming to become teachers; it was officially established and given school status on 9 March.

This fundamental right guarantees a sphere of freedom to academics protecting them from any exertion of influence by the state on the processes of gaining and imparting academic knowledge cf. It is necessary to ensure that consideration is given to the fact that criteria may, and in some cases must, vary in respect of different disciplines cf. However, the European Union does not have the competence to harmonise teaching at higher education institutions cf.


Wie das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung Politik an Hochschulen macht

Download full text from publisher File URL: For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: The indirect obligation to have study programmes accredited, implicit in the referred provisions, constitutes a serious interference with the freedom of research and teaching.

Content Main Menu Search. The legal requirements for state recognition also do not constitute a sufficiently comprehensive basis for decisions hochhschulfreiheitsgesetz accreditation. However, the Constitution does not prohibit external measures of quality assurance of academic teaching in addition to regular legal supervision. However, the referred provisions fail to satisfy the substantive hochschulfreiheirsgesetz of Art. However, the legislature hocyschulfreiheitsgesetz not leave essential decisions on the accreditation of study programmes to other actors; the legislature itself must make such essential decisions, taking into consideration the intrinsic rationale of academic research and teaching.

With respect to quality assurance in higher education, the legislature must also establish a comprehensive structure in which hochschulfreiheotsgesetz powers and participation rights, influence, information and monitoring, are designed in a manner that avoids jeopardising free academic teaching cf.

Wie das Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz Hochschulen noch freier machen könnte

The referred provisions continue to have legal effects which hochsschulfreiheitsgesetz material to the decision in the proceedings pending before the regular court cf.

Thus, the Act on the Accreditation Foundation fails to set up a comprehensive structure that sufficiently takes the freedom of research and teaching into account.

The defendant agency in the initial proceedings is A… e. The accreditation instead directly affects the structure and content of academic teaching.