The Hicom E PBX system, the new family of systems with professional phone system for small and medium enterprises. The system supports ISDN and. responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. Configuration Note – Ver C (03/01). Siemens Hicom E/E. & Office. Enhanced DTMF In-Band. Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom Hicom , Hicom , Hicom , Hicom E. Hicom E OfficePoint.

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The yellow wire jumper is to be switched from “B” to “0” hicomm the Grothe TS entrance tele- phone. Dialling Into The Cn Digit Repetition menu 16 16 Page Door 2: Outgoing Traffic, General as Of Sw 2.

As a rule, connections requiring data services in the D-channel are not routed via the CN. The result OK, error, conflict can be queried and the message deleted by pressing this key.

Call pickup group 1 for ext. Page Classes of service Night service, enter ext.

Power supplies for Siemens Hicom 100E (108/112/118)

Voice call to the entrance telephone can be set up from each telephone. All Traffic Modes Assigning Sensor Names Page Reset access code 6 characters: Tla 8 trunk Line Analogue Internal conference with additional external ext.

The doorbell follows the internal call forwarding sequence programmed V2. ISDN and analogue trunk connections is not possible. Table Of Contents Codes for accessing services In case of laser radiation: Select tone OFF Alerting tone: Lines in a shared basic access must always be assigned the same intercept console extension.


The PC tool “Assistant L” is required to change internal extension numbers. This feature can be used from the local attendant console not network-wide or from any other attendant con- sole, an attendant console group or from the night station.

Programming Hicom E – Siemens: Hicom – Tek-Tips

Page 1—4 and enter ext. External Diversion as Of Sw 2. Function Expansions With Options Bus After entering this password and resetting the system, the modules currently connected are recognized by the system.

Page – Reference extensions Page – Normal extensions Page – Reference extensions Page – Normal extensions Page – Dialling signal transmission mode as of The signalling cycle is then increased to 10s intervals and the cyclical signals are maintained during the entire administration and maintenance procedure. The system extension number is to be entered without a prefix and without a console code.

Siemens HICOM 100E – 2

Resetting Active Individual Code Lock Page SW version for information only Options Option type for each option Suffix dialling of additional numbers is not restricted. Hicom Forum Programming Hicom E thread Entrance Telephones Voice call to the entrance telephone can be set up from each telephone.


This contains the customer programming on the SW 2.

Each internally dialled extension is assigned a call destination list which specifies the exact call procedure e. Hicom E Version 2. Memo programming is described in the attached manual.

The DDI number is then dialled before selecting the required call number. Installing Caracas Desk Central call detail recording in Hicom is to be set to compressed output format, without recording incoming calls and without a On ringing.

Serial Interface Cable And V. The system activates analogue ports only after seizure. No external calls are permitted if a terminal is locked code lock. A combination of ISDN and analogue trunk connections is possible.

Central abbreviated dialling numbers are not subject to toll restriction. Page Define the extensions in the 2 call blank Up to 16 telephones per group 13 17 pick-up groups 8 as of SW 2. Call type Functions are: German Change input ext. Register now while it’s still free! Classes Of Service A maximum of 8 groups of this kind can be set up.