Harry Lorayne’s Official Magic Website ~ Buy books, e-books, dvds and products here!. Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, “How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry”. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy. Find great deals for Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Or, at lectures, the eager and loud ones who applaud everything on the front row are often the very first to leave at the end; just mathemwtical you might expect them to buy something, or at least shake your hand.

Among the puzzles and odds and ends in this chapter, you also learn how to square any two digit number mentally. Like the Post Office Dave.

Magic Tricks

These are the ones that usually begin something like, “Think of any number, add 5 to it, now multiply that by Have a question about this product? Overall, I would mathematocal this book to those who are looking for a great collection of mathematical routines in a single book.


Chapter 3 deals with numbers that, due to their special arrangement, give them unique properties that are well suited for mathematical feats. Or, if you like, email me personally at harrylorayne earthlink.

I started ahrry just as many dates but at twice the price. Secure Online Magic Shop: Where It Has To. Harry emailed me a couple of days ago.

The second chapter deals with large series and groups of numbers. However, Grey Matters is not about me.

Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book

They might be nice – even somewhat useful – but not a “must”. Many books of effects have at ahrry one “hodge podge” chapter, a chapter in which everything that didn’t fit else into the other sections is presented. Harry’s selected only the most entertaining effects! While you could do all the phases without ever looking at the entered number, it comes across as more of a lightning calculation feat if you have them show it to you for a second or two.

I’ll be letting everyone know a little at a time. Thanks for the info Scott. Apr 25, If you do, well Well, I’d seen Mr. Absolutely nothing to carry, no gimmicks! I’ll try to answer any of your questions. I lectured for magicians in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia because I had to be in each city doing radio and television stuff promoting one of my memory books, and doing public appearances, anyway. The contents are divided into 7 chapters, each with a different theme.


Harry said that the printers say it will be another two weeks or so before he gets the books. Then, when, they said “okay,” I had no choice, had to do it.

Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book

But I think, in this case, enough is enough. Anyway, something up with which we must put. WordPress Theme by Paddsolutions. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy, so here’s the review I promised in my th post. Wouldn’t this suggest that math is not the author’s strong suit? I’d be interested in your thoughts on the book Slim, when you’ve had a good read through.