Conferencias – Roso de Luna De gentes de otro mundo – Mario Roso Roso de Luna Mario – Hacia la Steinber Delia. Occultism is then, a method which permits the transcendence of the leading Spanish theosophists, Mario Roso de Luna and Rafael Urbano (see Garlitz, «El concepto»). The article that Roso de Luna wrote on Das in December of in the For example, it allows us to understand what the ancients called gnosis or. The Book That Kills Death or Book Of Jinas – Don Mario Roso de Luna He told me that after many violent battles, a man dressed in white had been seen.

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Hell, the Devil, and Karma. Treatise of Sexual Alchemy. Even having seen the clarity of the white cloth within the obscurity, I assumed that it was a farmer wearing a shirt, and it even occurred to me to be an insane woman. haccia

Teosofia 1 Mario Roso De Luna Delia Steimberg Jorge Livraga | Magick Keys For The Wicca Beginner

I was hoping that someone would have pity on me. Justice is the supreme mercy and the supreme mercilessness of the law. However they continued as an independent group with Roso de Luna as honorary president. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Isis Unveiledone of the most influential works by Mme Blavatsky. Quotes Of The Moment “While there remains a single tear in a human eye, while there remains a single broken heart, we refuse to accept happiness.

He was probably encouraged by his friends of “Marco Aurelio”. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. Osmay travels to the island of Ceylon which the theosophists consider to be the birthplace of all esoteric knowledge, to study at the feet of the old master, Dasa Gama.

Secret Teachings of Moses. Since past lives govern future ones, he fears that he, like Julian the Apostate, by failing to center his life hacua eternal love, may have condemned himself to a never ending cycle of suffering. There is a good chance that occultist subjects were among the many they discussed. I had heard the chaplain speak of Him a few weeks before, but now I understood that He had come towards me, towards I who had removed Him from my life in the ardent fever of my youth.


They consist of video presentations, selected readings, weekly meditations and a personalized follow up offered by qualified instructors. Help the teachings spread: Apr 27, 6pm CEST.

I screamed without control because the wound appeared to me to be more terrifying than any of the wounds that I had seen throughout that bitter war. See one of the many testimonies of Jinn that were performed among the soldiers and that the Scottish magazine Life and Work recounts in these terms: But suddenly, with amazement—whether of happiness or terror, I do not know—I realized that he was the comrade dressed in white and at that precise moment maario German rifles began to fire.

This chapter is from Tarot and Kabbalahposth. Estelas, laberintos nuevas sendas. The law of contrasts is found written with characters of fire in the great book of Nature.

The mission of the occultist is traditionally described as centering within the circle of Astral Light. Here with the multitude is where he performs the extraordinary and astonishing miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fishes, from which ate about five thousand men, not to lkna women and children.

Towards the left rises the painful path that leads to the castle of the Holy Nario. To cancel karma is possible with good deeds.

Reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

The pain was excruciating, however I remained motionless for I was in fear that the Germans would see me, being only 50 yards away from them. Sorry, bidding has ended on this item.

Parsifal Unveiled, a book by Samael Aun Weor

The spiritists maintained the intervention of spirits while the psychists preferred hacis more scientific explanation of the existence of a kind of psychic force. I borrow the term that Carol Maier created in her thesis to designate one of the several interlocutors in LLM. There, the poet-pilgrim 7 is taught the Gnostic myth of the soul’s fall from the timeless world of light or Pleroma into the Kleroma or Satanic world of time, senses and egocentrism.


Default Title Date Random. Therefore, the peaceful lacustrine state invites us to reflection… Indeed, the water is never so active as when it is shown to us in a tranquil fountain. Support this endeavor so that it may continue to grow, and reach those who do not have access to it. The occultist books in Said Armesto’s library fall into three categories: Vida y obra del Dr. Then he explained the projection of the self giving, as an example, the miracle of Saint Anthony.

Hypnosis, a brief History UK: Thus, we find the severity of the law in Geburahbut as well we find the nobleness of the lion. World War I Jesus in the trenches? He triumphed in the capitals of Europe and then in America where he associated with kings and presidents and founded many centers of magnetism, only to leave each place with the police on his heels.

World War I – Jesus in the trenches? | Ancient Sacred & Gnostic Texts, Writings, Articles, Excerpts

This is how we combat the lion of the law. I then recognized him as the living Christ. From his perspective, distanced from politics, but close to the collective soul of the people, he can help to direct the new Spain to its true destiny. Pintos claimed that Aldao had convinced him to join the Theosophical Society.

Barbosa and Xavier, Lda. In LLMdistanced vision, obtained through projection out of the body becomes the aesthetic perspective, distanced from time, space and the senses which Valle calls stellar or astral vision. Venerabilis Opus is a free source of Knowledge made possible by volunteer work.

He died at the coliseum. On the 6th of February that year, Valle gave a talk on occultism to the Recreo de Artesanos de Pontevedra. In the focus of attention was on spiritism and its most interesting phenomenon, hypnosis which was called animal magnetism see Garlitz El centro and Pintar.