Also extant in Syriac is the Book of the Laws of Diverse Countries, a dialogue on fate in various different versions, accounts of Bardesanes’ cosmological ideas. W. Cureton, “Bardaisan – The Book of the Laws of Countries”, in Spicilegium syriacum, A. Merx, Bardesanes von Edessa nebst einer Untersuchung über das. Owing to political disturbances in Edessa, Bardesanes and his parents moved for of Ani in Armenia and tried to spread the Gospel there, but with little success.

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From Nature there is a sufficiency in moderation for all bodies; and from Fortune comes the want of food, and affliction of the bodies; and thus, again, from the same Fortune is gluttony, and extravagance which is not requisite.

Fragments of a Faith Forgotten: The Gnosis According to its Foes: Bardesanes

Kf Products and services we offer. Patrick advent wreath ann saint bbardesanes mark Saint Joseph virgin mary Anne St. As a gnostic, he certainly denied the resurrection of the body; [7] and so far as we can judge by the obscure quotations from his hymns furnished by Ephrem the Syrian he explained the origin of the world by a process of emanation from the supreme God whom he called the Father of the living.

Educated at Athens, he added to the Chaldee astrology of his father Greek ideas concerning the soul, the birth and destruction of bodies and a sort of metempsychosis. And on account of these divisions and sects which exist among the Powers, some men have supposed that the world is governed without any superintendence, because they do not know that these sects and divisions and justification and condemnation proceed from that influence which is given in Free-will by God, that those actions also by the power of themselves may either be justified or condemned, as we see that Fortune crushes Nature, so we can also see the Freewill of man repelling and crushing Fortune herself; but not in everything, as also Fortune itself doth not repel Nature in everything; for it is proper that the three things, Nature and Fortune and Free-will, should be maintained in their lives until the procession be accomplished, and barxesanes measure and number be fulfilled, as it seemed good before Him who ordained how should be the life and perfection of all creatures, and the state of all Beings and Natures.


God endowed man with freedom of will to work out his salvation. For the polity of the Indians being distributed into many parts, there is one tribe among them of men divinely wise, whom the Greeks are accustomed to bardesands Gymnosophists. Nature has to do with body, Fate or Barsesanes with soul, and Free-will with spirit. This famous dialogue, the oldest remnant not only of Bardesanite learning, but even of Syriac literature, if we goslel the version of Holy Writis not be Bardesanes himself, but by a certain Philip, his disciple.

All things, even those which we now consider inanimate, have a measure of liberty. The followers of Bardaisan the Bardewanes were a sect of the 2nd century deemed heretical by later Christians, including the Catholic Church.

Regrettably, I can’t reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. Bardesanes is the creator of an eponymous offshoot of ancient Mesopotamian religion that formed the basis of the teachings of Manichaeism and later of the batini sects of Shia Islam.

After six thousand years this earth shall have an end, and a world without evil shall take its place. He married and had a son, Harmonius. Cristo Rey Network puts low-income students to work–and on to college.

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series II/Volume I/Church History of Eusebius/Book IV/Chapter 30

The only clear traces of Bardaisan are four scraps from his Bardesaned, quoted in the last two Hymns of. Ephrem’s zealous efforts to suppress this powerful heresy were not entirely successful.

The California Studios World-class post production service. Catholic Online on YouTube Enjoy our videos. Bardaisan apparently was a voluminous author.

He died at the age of sixty-eight, probably at Edessa. Moses of Chorene History of G.

Son of the Leaping River

Le livre des lois des pays. In Egypt it forgets for a while its royal parentage and glorious destiny. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though the correctness of this statement is not quite above suspicion, it probably has a foundation in fact.

In all of them the light has to overcome the darkness. Off dialogue was written by a pupil of our Gnostic, and Bardaisan is introduced as the main speaker; in fact, the pupils only break in here and there with a short question for literary effect.

Bardesanes, or Bar-daisan so called from the river Daisan the Leaperon the banks of which he was bornwas born at Edessa, on July 11th, A. Ephrem, the Bardesanites of his day were given to many puerilities and obscenities.


Rural Revolt and Local Zoroastrianism. This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat While all other writings perished, the dialogue Concerning Fate or Book of the Laws pf the Countrieswhich Eusebius mentions, survived in its original Syriac.


Against a questioning disciple called Abida, Bardesanes seeks to show that man’s action are not entirely necessitated by Fate, as the outcome of stellar combinations.

Excerpts of this work are extant in Greek in Euseb. Misled by the fact that “spirit” is feminine in Syriac, he seems to have held erroneous views on the Trinity. Sun and Moon were considered male and female principles, and the ideas of heaven amongst the Bardesanites were not without gospwl admixture of sensuality. Catholic Online on Twitter Catholic Tweets. The high probability of the Bardesantist origin of the poem is based bardesanfs the following considerations: It is also uncertain whether this ogspel is identical with “The Book of the Laws of the Countries”, of which later on Eusebius, Hist.

Ephrem against the Bardesanites of his day are not a fair criterion of the doctrine of their master. A complete Syriac text was first published from a sixth- or seventh-century manuscript in the British Museum, by Cureton, in his “Spicilegium Syriacum” London,and recently by Nau. Whether this Antoninus is merely a friend of Bardesanes or a Roman emperor and, in the latter case, which of the Antonini is meant, is matter of controversy. He cannot be called a Gnostic in the proper sense of the word.

Thus the Osrhoenic kingdom, after years’ existence, came to an end. Though nearly all his works have perished, we find notices of the following: He apparently denied the Resurrection of the Bodybut thought Our Lord’s body was endowed with incorruptibility as with a special gift.

None of them is absolute, the absolute being in God alone.

Halle,I, ]. These psalms became famous in the history of Edessa ; their words and melodies lived for generations on the lips of the people. Bardesanism seems to have degenerated first into Valentinianism and then into common Manichaeism.