The Good Muslim has ratings and reviews. Pankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age, Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, as a “startlingly accomplished and. In “A Golden Age,”Tahmima Anam chronicled Bangladesh’s war for independence through the story of Rehana Haque, a widow drawn. Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel ofgreat poise and power.” — Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory Set in Bangladesh at a ti.

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Appropriately, the novel ends on a bittersweet note, that’s somewhat mitigated by a hopeful epilogue. At the end of the day, Maya realizes too late that his brother is only trying to heal his wounds via these sermons, only trying to survive the psychological ill-effects gooe war has left him with.

A lot of people praised the first book so I might pick it up and give it a chance and hopefully I’d enjoy it tqhmima than this My initial rating was 5 stars but I’ve decided to lower it to 3 stars instead. Months after uprisings in countries like Egypt and Tunisia, we can watch that question play out — in different stages — across the Middle East. The family crises mirror the state of the tahmimx. It charts the very different directions the siblings take as a result of their experiences during the war.

While A Golden Age’s central themes center around the different kind of loves experienced by humans and to what length we will go for it, The Good Muslim is about family and faith.

The one person she can’t work out is her brother, and that’s because a key part of the story is still missing. Now the war is over there are different directions that can be taken, upholding the old maxim that war is easier than peace.

An old friend, Joy, returns from America and Maya resists his quiet determination to marry her. He watched, worried she would stray too far.

The more pathetic he became, the more dismissively cruel she treated tahmmima. The sun struck the back of her, catching her hands as they moved across the water, propelling her forward.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review

In addition to tracking the era of rebuilding that immediately followed East Pakistan’s uprising, The Good Muslim also jumps forward to the anma s, and ends with another mass rebellion. The lack of exposition contributed to my confusion about the setting and Maya, the primary character, began to repeat her thoughts and observations in I have not mus,im A Golden Age and I know nothing about the Bangadeshi war against Pakistan. Tahmuma was right to wait to finish this. Aanm t isand Maya returns to her family home in Dhaka.


The Good Muslim picks up inover a decade after the end of A Golden Age, which chronicled the experiences of a family during Bangladesh’s war for independence. The narrative is inspired from the local dialect but that is easy to comprehend with for the readers of any mother tongue.

The Good Muslim stands strongly on its own, but it will have a lot more depth if you’ve first read A Golden Age. She is also a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

Text Publishing — The Good Muslim, book by Tahmima Anam

It would probably give better background and context for Bangladesh’s war of independence from Tahmim. Several different religious and military leaders were named, but I couldn’t follow who they were or what happened to them. Since the ending was good, that’s why added another star.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Golden Age, so I had high hopes for this book.

And ignorance towards his upbringing, turning him into a liar and a thief. Is it his sister, who’s very progressive thmima areligious? The Good Muslim follows the story of Haque family after the war, xnam in an abandoned building, Sohail Haque comes across a woman, shattered and ripped to pieces, showing the signs of war, gang rape, torture and seeds of hatred in her womb. Share The Good Muslim via: Startling and heartfelt, this author has put together yet another unforgettable story.

Maya also comes across Sohail’s son Zaid, who is being raised as a Good Muslim, not going to school but a traditional Madrassa, not in a world of books but in the world of sermons and The One God. As the novel progresses, the two characters become more thmima in their positions and their final clash of principles is shattering yet inevitable.

Watch Tahmima discuss her work. I think this is a more complex work than the first in the trilogy. It’s not quite as engaging as A Golden Agewhich was the novel of action, this is the novel of aftermath, a much more sombre undertaking.

But when her brother sends his own son elsewhere – opening up even more family difficulties and pain – Maya finds herself trying to deal with the fact that if she chooses sides she may lose her brother forever. Martial law is in effect, war criminals still have not been prosecu A Golden Age introduced the widow Rehana Haque and her two teenagers, Sohail and Maya, as they participated in the Bangladesh War of Independence.


Both Sohail and Maya are dealing with the devils of their past. While I admit to a general ignorance about the issues and history of Bangladesh, I was most disappointed that Anam’s book did little to engage me.

Open Preview See a Problem? This really fine novel is set in Bangladesh in the mids, with flashbacks to the defining years of the s, when all of the major characters’ lives were transformed by the events of the revolution against Pakistan, though the promise of those days has been mostly lost to dictatorial rule. Those transformative political events are crucial to the story, but they are very much a backdrop to an intimate family story.

She involves herself in the rescue of Zaid from a father who seems monstrous, but is actually too involved in his own mourning and reparation to concern himself with his child. Maya’s quest to befriend and find support in her brother is a journey with challenges, sorrow and grief, and her determination will keep the readers rooting for her till the very heartbreaking end.

As a story, I liked it and yet wasn’t very satisfied by it.

Picking up her life in Dhaka, Maya is confronted by the new Bangladesh in a different way from the country, where little much has changed. Maya is a strong protagonist and there is much to admire about her, but at times she stumbles forward when a little more finesse may have worked a little better. I had no idea it was a sequel but it reads like a stand alone book.

The Good Muslim is a novel by Tahmima Anam.

Revolution And The Question Of ‘The Good Muslim’

She becomes a doctor and an activist, roles that, as Anam points tahmiima, strain against the traditional roles of women — and not just women in the Muslim world:. There’s so much conflict between Maya and Sohail, and the war is at the heart of it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But, set in Bangladesh in two alternating time periods,just after the war of independence and 12 years later in when political disillusionment had set in, the novel does not only depict the conflicts that beset Maya i I really liked this book: She is essentially a non-believer.