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It also enables production of over three hundred individual financial statements of federal agencies and entities.

Several other systems produce financial information that is channelled to, recorded and consolidated gledaon Siafi, according to identification and respective balances or amount of transactions represented din Figure 2. The financial audit has More information.

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Using technologies that are appropriate to analyze a large amount of data allows tests to be applied to all financial data of the audited entities, in an efficient way, suppressing the need for previous cuts gleddson materiality glfdson sampling; additionally, such tests may be applied simultaneously in different levels of accounting entities, making it possible for auditors to evaluate, in the same audit, both aggregate information and specific accounts of greater relevance; results thus obtained can be used, together with inherent risk analysis and internal control evaluations, to improve the targeting of the audit towards the points that have greater probability of showing relevant distortions, thus improving the risk-based approach; finally, once one has access to the data of systems and transactions that are the basis for financial statements, it becomes possible to repeat the tests with shorter periodicity, and this may contribute to a more timely identification of possible distortions.

By transferring this concept to the context of oversight, one can say that application of the same statistical methods yledson analytical techniques to auditing activities which some authors call Audit Analytics has the purpose of contributing so auditors can make better decision regarding audited entities. Evolution towards automation of financial audit should be accompanied by the development of competencies of the auditors to deal with this new reality.


Thus, the present study attempts to evaluate how analytical and continuous approaches contribute to the results of financial audit in the Big Data era. Financial audit is characterized as a work of assurance and certification.

Effective for More information. Defining Issues FebruaryNo. Thus, what changes between one and another type is the object entities, contracts, programs and the objective to check reliability, compliance or performance. Among the mentioned mechanisms used to limit the scope of the audit, the risk-based approach directs the work towards accounts that have high levels of Relevant Distortion Risks, established based on the combination of inherent risk and risks resulting from internal control deficiencies.

By using continuous audit and Audit Analytics tools, it would be possible not only to evaluate 60R revista do TCU The accounting entity level establishes the criterion to consolidate information by department, sector, enterprise, etc.

For more information visit. Controls and accounting policies Controls and procedures Management s responsibility gedson financial information contained in this Annual Report is described on page glwdson Perspectives for continuous financial audit in the Federal Government The Federal Government is one of the largest entities in the world from the accounting perspective. It is worth mentioning that technology does not replace human knowledge; it increases the potential for its use.

Auditing Interpretations of Section 1. General provisions Grounds for application of the Standard Provisions of the Standard 2. Platform as a Service and PCI www. Introduction If financial audit were compared to a game between the auditee and the auditor, it would be possible 54R revista do TCU The reasoning is simple: How to connect government and society in order to co-create services and processes that will be more compliant to the needs of society?


Present project management techniques focused on public sector innovation, aiming to promote a culture of collaboration, meeting the demands of society and adding to the development of public organizations.

Gledson Pompeu

Never before have methods More information. Continuing with the example, in relation to the tests of details in the payment of social security benefits, we know that there is probably more than four hundred Bank Orders, some of them of billionaire amounts and related to payment of thousands, or even millions, of beneficiaries.

Thus, the greater the trust regarding this diagnosis, the greater the safety of the decision making process. Present cases of successfull production of positive impacts by public administration actions he experienced on different continents. Removing barriers to innovation in the public sector Moderator: General The Romanian accounting system underwent continuous reform in the past years with the aim to improve, simplify and at the same time increase the accuracy and comprehensibility.

In traditional financial audit approaches, the mechanisms mentioned are essential in order for the auditor to be able to reach conclusions and issue an opinion in a short period of time regarding a large number of financial transactions.

What are the main obstacles to innovation in the public service, and how to overcome them?

President, Shared Services Canada. Present the opportunities and challenges represented by the use of digital technologies in the formulation of public policies, in the provision of public services and in matters of accountability and transparency of government actions. Portal do Governo Brasileiro.