Eugenics and Other Evils has ratings and 64 reviews. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton The Complete. This amazingly prophetic book demonstrates how a philosophy of eugenics would lead not only to Nazi Eugenics and Other Evils. $ by G.K. Chesterton. G.K. Chesterton didn’t fall for the lure of the “eugenists” in his day; nor should we in ours. Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against.

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I apologize for the inconvenience. View all 7 comments. The thing that impressed me most about this book, aside from Chesterton’s genius at writing with paradoxes, was how relevant it still is. Dec 03, Alex rated it really liked it. He represented the absolute best side of cynicism and chexterton he may have been a cynic, Chesterton was not a pessimist. I am kicking myself for not having read Chesterton constantly, continually, and so very thoroughly much, much earlier wvils my career.

George Bernard Shaw said that nothing but a Eugenic religion could save civilization.

As a man can find one jailer more lax than another, so he could find one employer more kind than another; he has at least a choice of tyrants. Eugenics was the inspiration of that madonna of death, Margaret Sanger.

The Eugenics Archive

Nov 13, Thomas rated it it was amazing. I listened eugemics David Grizzly Smith’s excellent audio podcast of this book, available from Podiobooks. Feb 04, John Gardner rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s all done in Chesterton’s signature style: I have several of these empty, unlined notebooks filled, and have broken tradition with Chesterton in not actually keeping track. A bit lengthy, but compelling none the less.

Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State

Paperbackpages. It’s easy to diagnose a broken leg, but how can you diagnose a healthy one? Eugejics at which we look chestrton be a dead thing alive with its own parasites. It was decided to do everything that had ever been denounced in Socialism, and nothing that had ever been desired in it…we proceeded to prove that it was possible to sacrifice liberty without gaining equality…. Feb 17, Mary rated it really liked it. Jun 11, D. Chesterton was ahead of his time, Chesterton was a literary genius.


May 26, Jordan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quotes from Eugenics and Othe Law has become lawless; that is, it cannot see where laws should stop. If one is familiar with the Eugenics argument, then Eugenics and Other Evils is well worth reading. This book challenged my views on the proper role of government, science, and evis in society.

Yet I never picked anyth Bloody amazing. He’s chesteeton just an engaging author and a master of logic, he’s a voice for common sense rooted in spiritual truths.

I enjoy Chesterton, and I have yet to read anything by him that is less than excellent. It’s a “plague on both your houses” book.

Elegant and sardonic, Eugenics and Other Evils is one giant argument ad absurdum – to which I agree wholeheartedly and completely with Gilbert. But there was a very spirited and vigorous effort to eliminate liberty, by means of an entirely new crop of crude regulations and interferences. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. So, while much has been done to discredit eugenics, its spectre still hovers around us today, threatening to snatch up the wage-earners, the poor, those in debt, and those considered feeble.

It is terrifying to think that such evil people existed, and perhaps even more terrifying that they still exist today, masquerading their cold-blooded intents under the guise of science and the “betterment” of human society. His social commentary was priceless, not to mention way ahead of its time. Although there were one or two arguments where I couldn’t fully agree with Chesterton perhaps due to my lack of in depth knowledge or analysis of the subjectthis is such a current book despite the fact it was written a hundred years ago.


Eugenics and Other Evils

But somehow the challenge is rewarding rather than defeating. And not to do anything else until he has found out. The reader comes away appreciating Chesterton’s rather prophetic denunciation of this “Prussian” issue which gained a following in England and beyond, but othed book does not limit itself to one topic.

It is an amazing takedown of the entire basis of eugenic thought as well as a profound argument against unregulated capitalism.

It’s amazing how many topics that Chesterton tackled are still chesgerton us today. But he would be equally horrified about the way his “wrong kind of socialism” with inspectors instead of bread and bewildering laws des This is a beautifully written book, still relevant today It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. This one is scathing and very serious, even though his trademark humor often appears. Jun 13, Athens rated it really liked it.

In short, people decided that it was impossible to achieve any of the good of Socialism, but they comforted themselves by achieving all the bad.

While abortion is mentioned only once in Chesterton’s book, the author is clearly eugenisc about what eugenic philosophy could mean for the unborn ” they seek his life to take it away”.