PDF | Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) is one of the most popular ornamental flowers worldwide and used both as cut flower and potted. PDF | Gerbera jamesonii (gerbera) is an important cut-flower in the global floricultural industry. Micropropagation is the main system used to. PDF | In present research, the effects of light quality on micropropagation of gerbera were investigated. The MS medium containing 1 mg L-1 BAP and mg .

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However, white, creamy friable callus was obtained when explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 2, 4-D alone. This callus gave the highest dry weight.

A revised medium for rapid growth and bio assays with tobacco tissue cultures. Regenerated plants were rooted on Murashige and Skoog basal medium. Direct organogenesis from mature leaf and petiole explants of Eryngium foetidum L.

BAP strongly enhanced regeneration of shoots in petiole explants of Gerbera jamesonii. Micropropagation of Woody Micropropagatkon, Ahuja, M. Micropdopagation and kicropropagation obtained from aseptic young plantlets formed from the seedlings were used as source of explants.

Tissues of explants generally show distinct planes of cell division, various specializations of cells and organization into specialized structures such terbera the vascular system. Micropropagation selected somaclones Begonia Saintpaulia J. They are planted outdoors in full sun and useful as cut flowers, pot plant and also bedding plant. Root explants were found to be non-regenerative in all experiments conducted. Percentage of shoot formation and number of shoots per explants produced on MS medium supplemented with different hormones micropropagaiton concentrations after 8 weeks in culture supplemented with 2.

It is reported that a good combination of cytokinin and auxin in the culture medium enhanced good shoot formation and plantlet regeneration from explants, for example, adventitious Gerbera shoots were regenerated from flower buds of greenhouse grown plants Pierik et al.


The propagation geebera via organogenesis can be much higher than axillary shoot proliferation Chun, Shoot formation was observed when capitulum explants were cultured on MS modified medium supplemented with 2.

Explants were obtained from 8-week-old aseptic seedlings. Percentage of shoot formation and number of shoots per explants produced on MS medium supplemented with different hormones and concentrations after 8 weeks in culture. Because genetic variability within the Gerbera genus is relatively limited, breeding potential for new flower colours and patterns as well as resistance to biotic or abiotic stresses is also limited Orlikowska et al.

Epigenetic variations in micropropagated gerbera are frequently observed only with high concentrations of cytokinins in the culture medium but somaclonal variation is rare.

Petiole segment was identified as the best explant for regeneration of this species. The study was conducted at laboratory B2.

This species consists of many cultivars with variety of colors and shapes and they are popular commercial plants. High efficiency adventitious shoot bud formation and plant regeneration from leaf explants of Dianthus chinensis L. Through indirect organogenesis, multiple shoots can be produced in vitro from callus.


Hook by tissue culture technique. Numerous types of explants and protocols for micropropagation have been established and mlcropropagation for gerbera. Percentage of callus and root formation per explants produced on MS medium supplemented with different hormones and concentration after 8 weeks in culture.

Capitulum explant promoted callus development. Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences Volume 11 Principles of Plant Biotechnology. Growth Optimization and Organogenesis of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex. The effects of various concentrations of plant growth regulators on the multiplication of shoots were examined.


Kajian morfogenesis tumbuhan hiasan Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl.

Micropropagation and strawberry plant quality. Plantlets were transferred to soil and maintained in culture room for weeks for adaptation process before being transferred to field environment.

Micropropagation of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus).

Many scientists have tried to prove the totipotency concept, which is the ability of a single cell to form complete individual. Optimilization of Gerbera plantlet production from excised capitulum explants. Adventitious organogenesis or shoot formation is a preferred system as it enables to retain the clonal fidelity since many ornamental species are cultivars that are propagated for one or more unique characteristics Kantia and Kothari, Shoot tips are the commonly used explant while adventitious shoot induction micropropagatioh the capitulum is also a popular method.

Micropropagafion vitro response of plant tissues depends on genotype, the physiological status of the donor plant, the type of explant, the culture medium and their interactions Tosca et al. Genotype is one of the most influential factors on the response of gerbera in vitro.

Ornamental plants and woody plant species are also propagated commercially by axillary bud proliferation Mantell et al.

Lower concentration of Micropropagatoin promoted direct shoot regeneraration and higher concentrations promoted callus induction in Hagenia abyssinica Bruce J.

Gerbera micropropagation.

Factors affecting differentiation in vitro and mass propagation scheme for Begonia x hiemalis. The lowest shoot formation was observed when explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 0. Different types of auxin and cytokinin microprpagation were used in order to obtain complete regeneration of Gerbera in vitro.