Garritan is the world’s leading provider of quality virtual software instruments. of a marching band, or the drama of a full symphony orchestra — inside any size. The Garritan Orchestral Strings library has now been integrated with our Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 library. With this package GPO 5. BUT the “new” garritan orchestral strings included in GPO5 have something odd a LOT of noise when i play the notes.. it is real? or is it just.

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Using synthesized waveforms or samples to produce a convincing replica orchhestral an orchestral recording can be very challenging. I heard it next to Garritan side by side and the Sonic Implants gave instant gratification out of the box.

They are both very good. There are loads of well executed articulations and effects just waiting to be used. Silver has more ambiance built in so its got more hollywood sound out of the box. And with KH-Concert Strings being on the way,maybe you can get them cheap somewhere.

Half-serious about the title, but I have GPO5 and use things from it for pop tracks pretty often.

I suppose this is the pro vs. My favorite part is the small string sections from the ancient Garritan Orchestral Strings. I like Kirk Hunter’s Spotlight Strings for smaller ensembles. Maybe the old Kirk Hunter Strings are worth a look. Strnigs Posts Latest Posts. Kansas City, Missouri Status: Dave Have a listen to the demos on this page.


Garritan Orchestral Strings…it sounds horrible for chamber music

The 3-CDROM package is a comprehensive, professional collection of orchestral strings, which a standard workstation or smaller library could never replicate. For a few hundred dollars, this might be reasonable, orchhestral I was really impressed by the EWQL Silver especially knowing that you can upgrade to the higher editions later.

Garritan Orchestral Strings is a valuable working composer’s companion. Last time I did a search, I did come across some Garritan stuff that was truly amazing, so your point about the quality of the sequnces is well taken.

And about the awful loops,there are no loops as far as i remember. RRabbi Max Output Level: User Control Panel Log out.

Help help I like something about Garritan Personal Orchestra | VI-CONTROL

Sivler demos are all done by the same guys. They do cover single instruments as well as sections, and come as part of the supplied sample banks. Can’t get it now. They are extremely powerful, but they’re not something you can just install on your machine and expect it to sound immediately like Beethoven.

Rasmus HartvigApr 17, Mr Blint Max Output Level: Just hold down a note in gpo for a few seconds. But the solo violins are the best samples I’ve ever had.


I have free soundfonts that are every bit as realistic. After experimenting with the full orchestra disc for a while, I felt as though I was listening to a live orchestra, and not sampled strings.

Garritan Orchestral Stringsit sounds horrible for chamber music | Cakewalk Forums

DSmolkenApr 17, I honestly don’t care. Geo Metro to Ferrari. Garritan also offers excellent customer support. But comparing the two is laughable. So far, everything I’ve tried sounds worse than shareware soundfonts. But there are also parts where it sounds great.

I hvae both GPO and Silver. They do not provide instant gratification. Garritan Orchestral Strings Sample Library Akai compatible version 3 CD set I’ve been working with sampled string sounds for over 20 years now, and after several sessions of working with the Garritan Orchestral Strings Sample Library, I think that this meticulously crafted set of samples are orxhestral best string samples I’ve ever loaded stfings my samplers. But how much of that was the sample set, and how much was the mix and mastering?