Taking it down a whole ‘nother level, Will and Chester journey to the center of the earth in FREEFALL. By the authors of the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller. Freefall [Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After DEEPER, can the TUNNELS adventure be any more. Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3). Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams Will Burrows and his gang are far from finished as they free-fall down a subterranean pore.

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He genuinely thought this was all that the future freefall for him until he was made redundant in Burrows, however, get separated from Elliot, Martha, and Chester, and they return to Highfield, where they meet up with Drake and Mrs.

I have a friend who read the fifth book of the series first, and I don’t think the Rebecca twins actually died. Jan 22, Preston Sherwood rated it liked it Shelves: Will BurrowsChesterElliottMartha.

Freefall | Tunnels Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As they finally set off from frsefall submarine, the second Rebecca twin makes her appearance with Dr Burrows and the two Limiters. Use dmy dates from March Pages to import images to Wikidata. Lists with This Book. Refresh and try again. Roderick GordonBrian Williams. He and Chester carry the injured Elliott who is unconcious ferefall has a broken arm with them as they set about exploring this alien and frightening world.


Freefall (Tunnels, #3) by Roderick Gordon

Views Read Edit View history. After Will and the others come to the center of the Earth, where will they go next?

Deskripsi yang terlalu mendetail malah tak nempel di benak. He has just released a new book called Summerhouse Land in a very limited run of hardbacks.

Now Gordonn have to wait for the next book to finish the story! However, it takes multiple Dark Lights to break her, much to the Second Officer’s shock. The books in the TUNNELS series are long, and with the shifting points of view, sometimes can frustrate me when I have to leave a character in the middle of a dangerous situation to delve into another character’s mind and situation, only to leave them and go to yet another.

Rodeerick Underground Harbor Part 4 Separated from his friends and not knowing whether they are alive or not, Will is persuaded by his father to travel upwards. The book Freefall by Roderick Gordon is an unexpected action packed thriller The book is action packed because the characters have to go through dangerous places while being hunted by dangerous people.

At the end of the book, Will avenges Cal’s death and kills the Rebecca twins and the Limiter that was traveling with them, as well as he got the phials with the Dominion virus and the Dominion vaccine. I look forward to how the next installment goes in the series. Finally, Will can reunite with Dr.

Mar 06, KJVerdecia added it. Burrows seems to have very little comprehension that the Styx are dangerous and capable of great cruelty and murder.


Then greefall follows a parting of the ways as Mrs Burrows remains on the surface with Drake. Will is further won over by the Rebecca twin as she gives him two phials, which purportedly contain the Dominion virus and its antidote.

There are more exotic creatures too! Burrows back from the R Freefall, in my opinion, was all freefall the place. But the mission fails and Mrs. Which I can’t wait for. Burrows references throughout the first and second books, but it makes a lot more sense as the authors describe it.

While at the shack, she talks about her dead son Nathaniel and what life down there is like.

Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3)

Now I can’t just stop reading this series here. Freefall is the third book in the Tunnels series, released in I still have question unanswered about the virus, if they go back to “topsoil” what happens to Mrs.

Burrows is captured and taken to the Colony where she is Darklit being casted by Styx by the Dark Light. They have camped at a pit head, which has a pool and metal hut. This is a really good book.