Symptoms. When trying to add an ArcGISMap Reader .MXD), FME is unable to open the file and may give the error below: Workspace. Note: To use FME’s Esri ArcGIS® Map Document Reader, you must also Map Document reader will only read layers that exist on the root level of the MXD file. Downloads. Introduction. This article will demonstrate how to read, style and sort feature types, and how to set up a page.

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Our final cartographic output will be a map that includes:. FME is Here! New Question New Idea. Hello Andrew how could we insert a table viewof the feature in PDF. You can notify a user about this post by typing username. New Question New Idea. Sign up using Email and Password.

I’m currently not sure if there is a way we can have this background zoom in and out to different zoom level. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

ArcMap Mxd to DWG – FME Knowledge Center

dme Up to 10 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 4. The attached workspace includes the transformers and workflow necessary to generate the PDF output you see below.

And I only said FME may be able to do this. Identifying Bad Topology in Linear Networks. I’m not an FME expert. Place feature type readers for each layer to be included in the map. This article will demonstrate how to read, style and sort feature types, and how to set up a page layout md output to a PDF file.


This being said the converting symbols into dwg blocks is advisable this way. It would be done the same way as adding any raster to a PDF page.

This make sure the data and background overlay nicely. Sign in to post a new idea. Features must be sent to the PDF writer in the order of how they will be drawn. And, really, there is so much different between them that you’d be missing out on functionality if you could convert them. So, my recommendation is do it all again. Share your great idea for improving Unity or vote for other people’s.

The size of a point feature cannot currently be modified from within the parameters of the PDFStyler. Post as a guest Name.

ArcMap Document | MXD File | Safe Software

ArcObjects would have to be available for this to work. We will set our Tester to pass the data that meet our criteria to a LabelPointReplacer to create the mxx features, and to an AttributeCreator transformer to maintain the underlying point feature geometry. However, the raster will be static. Answers Answers and Comments 7 People are following this question.

ArcMap Mxd to DWG

Thanks Natalie for your reply I tried it but i am sure I am missing something could you please check this sample and tel what wrongI can’t get all data in table and also unable to style it Thanks. The next part of our workspace uses a series of AttributeCreator transformers to assign the order for how features jxd be mxc, to rename several of our output layers, and to modify the size parameter for our point features.


Would you mind posting your envisioned scenario there? As each layer is output, it will be drawn in a corresponding PDF Layer from bottom to top. See What’s New safe. Oh, It’s great, this is what I need, I tested it, It worked.

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Can you help me. I have a couple of custom FME transformers that convert a native MI style into a string that you can store in SQL Server and back again, which mxx a sort-of similar thing, but still per-feature.

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