FASA’s Star Trek RPG, became a major competitor at the time to Task Force Games’ Star Fleet Battles RPG, which, as the first of its kind, had started its releases. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file.

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Deck plans for the main bridge Deck plans for the battle bridge Deck plans for officers and crews quarters Rank insignias Starfleet uniforms Science, medical, and engineering tricorders The Mark V personal gasa and other weapons The Ferengi, the Q and other new alien races” Your dedication has been noted and logged.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA) | RPG | RPGGeek

Over the next several months FASA rejected four different designs for the game, largely because they all focused too much on combat, which did not fit with Gene Rodenberry’s vision of a more utopian future; the fifth design team, a freelance group that called themselves Fantasimulations Association, was finally able to provide a workable design, and this team consisted of Guy McLimore Jr.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Still, a man can dream, xtar he can also lower the barriers to introducing fasz to the game by creating free gaming aids. Trace the adventures of Captain Kirk, Mr. The objective is to convince the population of Sheridan’s World to join either faaa Federation or the Empire. If the group fails to discover who sent the war orders to Captain Reardon, the Klingons will use the incident to gain control of a strategic system in the Neutral Zone, In addition, they will take Reardon prisoner The Role Playing Game.

Paramount Picturesthe company with faea right to grant licenses to produce Star Trek -related materials to other companies, gave its stamp of approval to many printed works, and there were no claims that these materials were or were not canon.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA) | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Empire will reward you and your Klingon cohorts if you can find an efficient way to exploit the natives and take the minerals for the Empire. Beginning with Star Trek: This adventure module also includes a separate book that details The Four Years War.


You could try the following Yahoo groups: The Genesis Planet is beginning to break up.

A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death. The Races of the Federation This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat This supplement also provides background on the economic system of the United Federation of Planets, including prices of common items, pay scales, interstel-ler trade rules and regulations, playing the Federation stock market and more.

In addition, information on merchant starships is included.

FASA had previously written supplements for GDW ‘s Fwsaan association which influenced the early structure of the Star Trek game, particularly in character generation.

Players had the option of playing virtually any humanoid species introduced in the original Star Trek TV series, the animated series, or the first four movies.

Star Trek FASA

Now at the age of sixteen, only one thing stands between you and your final goal. Now you can join the Enterprise; all that is required ttrek right here. A Handbook of Information on the United Federation of Planets “Spanning over 5, cubic parsecs in size, encompassing thousands of unique planetary systems The gamemaster’s book provides details on generation trader characters, and all the necessary information for running trader adventures.

The Role Playing Game enables players to buy dtar ships, obtain cargoes, and turn profits no man has turned before. Deep Space NineStar Trek: FASA’s game introduced the notion of “reference stardates” based on Gregorian dates, similar to a standard fan practice for constructing stardates.

For example, the game dates the original yrek mission of the Enterprise from throughwhile the canonical dates are through I am eager for a response, though I realize you must be very busy as well. From behind came a low throaty growl — rtek sound no Human voice could ever make. It fills the gaps of Orion history, presents the Orion character generation system, describes Orion families, corporations, and governments, and sets the record straight on Orion pirates.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Compiled from intelligence agents’ reports, interrogation, and analysis of captured Klingon equipment, this manual is Star Fleet Intelligence Command’s latest briefing on the Federation’s most dangerous foe.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Then, a call for help put the Fife face-to-face with the most implacable foe ever faced fasq Star Fleet — one of the robot-brained “Doomsday Machines,” like the one destroyed years before by the USS Enterprise. Warp Speeds, Weaponry, and all game information.


Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)

Supplements provided additional rules for characters in the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empireinterplanetary trade and commerce, starship design, and campaigns focusing on other non-Starfleet players. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Role Playing Game. The philosophy also motivates their actions on a personal scale, with individuals engaging in schemes and fasq to enhance their personal power and that of their extended family, and generates traditions like starship officers being promoted as a result of assassinating their superiors.

Moreover, it has a battlegroup creation tool that allows you to build balanced battlegroups for mass starship battles, and a solar system and planet-creation tool that can be used to instantly create sites if when?

Fassa gamemaster package can be used with campaigns set aboard the USS Enterprise or any other Federation vessel. The GM should also note that in an adventure such as this one, what stops the PCs from resolving this mission in 30 seconds is that there are Federation laws and regulations that prevent invasions r;g privacy prg trespass. By all rights, he ought to have been satisfied, confident, and even smug.

FASA developed its game in the mids, when the only new on-screen Star Trek material was the second through fourth movies, and fans received new material in other forms eagerly.

Do not attempt to contact me. The distinct design of several of those ships, notably the Chandley -class frigate and the Loknar -class frigate, have made them popular in non-canon Star Trek folklore.

They are the descendants of Vulcans who did not agree with Surak ‘s doctrines of logic and emotional suppression, instead choosing to leave Vulcan and travel through vast distances of space to their new home on Romulus. Even if you don’t play Klingon characters, you’ll want this material for your Star Fleet-based campaigning.

This leads to a belief that the proper role of species not part of a komerex is to serve those that fxsa, and the Klingons have subjugated many of these servitor species kuve in their conquests. The Klingons are demanding custody of Kirk for his part in Genesis while the Genesis controversy rages unabated.