Buy Fantasy for Euphonium and by SPARKE P at Concert Band Sheet Music. Documents Similar To Fantasy for Euphonium and Concert Band – Phillip Sparke[ 1]. Cafe Solo Part. Uploaded by. FornYun Wang. II Mov Concerto For.

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On this page is the version for euphonium and piano supplied with both treble and bass clef solo parts. Largo al Factotum In this celebrated aria from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, Figaro, the eponymous hairdresser of the opera, tells of his life at everyone’s beck and call. Its extended length seeks to explore that fine combination of sustained lyricism and explosive virtuosity which typifies the modern euphonium in the most expert hands. He was highly regarded both as teacher and performer and was equally proficient as a composer.

The second movement contains one of the most beautiful melodies for the euphonium with an emphasis on the rising octave. Czardas Euphhonium virtuosic showpiece for the violin has long been a favourite. Published as part of the popular Virtuosi Collection – a wide-ranging series of carefully edited arrangements for euphonium and piano, in which the solo parts have been meticulously prepared for performance on a brass instrument – this is perhaps Sarasate’s most celebrated work.

So I must admit to this suphonium of influence throughout.

Played by Steve in his recent recitals. Strings are represented with a series of five digits representing the quantity of each part first violin, second violin, viola, cello, bass. Hyacinthe Eleonore Klose, male! The Dance, by fantssy, is a much more extrovert movement with each instrument playing off rhythmically against the other in a texture that becomes more and more complex, leading eventually to a final flourish bringing reconciliation between the two instruments.

The publisher has chosen to make these choices and they greatly hinder the wide spread of this fantastic work. According to the story, the Phoenix spends years living on earth before returning to its nest, only to incinerate itself in enveloping flames as if part of an eternal ritual.


The composer dug deep into Celtic music for inspiration and created a fantasy that fof off the incredible but often overlooked versatility of our fanfasy. Now it has just recently come back into print with this new edition by Matthew White and Steven Mead.

In this version with piano it is an outstanding concert work with alternate virtuoso and lyrical sections, with lively rhythms, cross rhythms and syncopations requiring great agility and dexterity. It is rich in inventioncolour and vibrancy.

It utilizes the full pitch range of the instrument, often with big leaps and runs that necessitate the player having an excellent sense of pitch and a flexible embouchure. Even within the many bonds and restrictive boundaries that we often find ourselves, it still seems to wparke a fundamental part of Nature as both human and spiritual beings that we cannot help but sing in both joy and praise both from ourselves and to our own Creator despite the sometimes, even apparently insurmountable obstacles we encounter.

As the title suggests, this new collection of 10 solos is presented in wparke form of a musical travelogue with visits to Moscow, New York, Buenos Aires, New Orleans, San Juan and Paris being among the destinations reached. I wanted to recreate this enchanting lifecycle in music using the Euphonium to personify the legendary bird, and capture the song that the Phoenix sings on its perpetual journey.

Sparke Fantasy

For those who love practicing the technical side of the instrument; now you need to practice a bit more! Barbara York writes, “This piece was not written specifically in response to either the poem by Maya Angelou or that by Paul Dunbar that both refer to the ‘caged bird’. This new work is also a short, uncomplicated peace, striving solely to express the love of music and joie de vivre.

It was this inspiration that ignited the idea of creating an album of romantic pieces for the baritone. Fabulos choice for recitals and competitions. As in a classical concerto, the soloist combats with the orchestra.

Fantasy for Euphonium (piano reduction) – C. Alan Publications

Featured soloist on the demo recording, Michelle Ibbotson. Zigeunerweisen, which translates as Gypsy Airs, is one of these show-cases. This fantasie Is suitable for either ophicleide Paul bassoon. Here’s another great new work from the pen of Manchester based composer and saxophonist, Andy Scott. Listen to the original version with violin and orchestra: His famous allegro, originally written for harpsichord, lies well for the euphonium.


The slow movement is contemplative, but Bourgeois unleashes the full fortissimo passion implied in the second theme.

Sonata for Euphonium originally Bassoon – C. A true audience favorite for any performance! The Bassoon Concerto in F by Carl Maria von Weber has been arranged for many instruments, but the single-movement Rondo Giocoso has been set expertly by Edrich Siebert for euphonium and piano in this edition.

Spafke opening movement contains much syncopation and is almost rag-like in style. As an accompanist, Barbara plays regularly at school, university and professional concert venues throughout the United States and Canada, has recorded for CBC Radio and has premiered numerous works for other composers at International congresses. Here is some more information on the composer: This is an epic and majestic eeuphonium concerto, written very much in a Spanish style, especially the two outer movements.

This 2nd album contains his less ‘academic’ works and will prove to be extremely popular concert works. In this movement, which is full of contrasts, the work’s principal themes are combined, to a greater or lesser degree. He studied at the Guildhall School of music and Drama from – and was awarded the Brass Prize in his second year. This work, Grande Fantasie is an excellent showpiecewith some fine dramatic moments fod opportunities for euphoniumm fine ‘vocal’ moments as well as some technical challenges and an exciting finale.

The quick figures are interspersed with a couple of andante sections with soarke short and exuberant finale, ending on high concert C.