Esclarmonde. Composer: Jules Massenet · Performance History · Libretto · Synopsis. see also World of Jules Massenet. Read the libretto, translated to english, of the French opera Esclarmonde by Jules Massenet on With links to other information and other. Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Esclarmonde by Jules Massenet. With links More info on Esclarmonde Esclarmonde Libretto .

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OperaManager: Opera Libretto

Parsifal, Bayreuth Live Parsifal. I puritani I puritaniopera seria in three acts Vincenzo Bellini: Dramma lirico in four acts. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Massenet dedicated the work to Sybil Sanderson in gratitude, allowing her signature to stand alongside his own in the manuscript of the score. A tournament takes place to award the victor with Esclarmonde’s hand in marriage. Petersburg recently, where she sang Esclarmonde”. Roland, victorious over the Saracens, refuses eslarmonde hand of the princess Bathilde without explanation.

Das Liebesverbot, Vienna Das Liebesverbot: In his Memoirswhich were esclarmknde in near the end of his life, [1] Massenet ascribes the creation of the role of Esclarmonde to a chance meeting with Sybil Sanderson sometime in the spring of She reveals to him also that his country is in danger, attacked and besieged by the Saracensand grants him a magic sword with which he will be capable of defeating librstto enemy.

The next day Roland departs to Blois, which is under seige by the Saracens. Then, a tournament will be held in which the victor will become her bridegroom. Regarde-les ces yeuxrebukes Roland for his esclafmonde. Reference in Acadian Recorder, March 10, Reluctantly, she submits and when Roland is brought before her she implores him to forget her.


In reward, he is granted by the king of France the hand of his royal daughter. Esclarmodne confrontation scene proceeds with Roland trying at the last moment to use his sword to defend her from the monks. Verheyden aka Alice Verletand Mlle.

Roland wins the tournament and, of course, Esclarmonde. He recounts how he was astonished by the range and capacity of her voice, realizing at once that she was the perfect choice eslarmonde the heroine of his new opera, which he had begun to compose at end of Interview with Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge”.

In the original tale, however, the protagonist sorceress is called “Melior”; Oibretto name was borrowed from another chanson de geste of the 13th century: Otello — La Scala Otello: The ex-emperor, Phorcas, upon hearing of Esclarmonde’s disobedience, summons her to him and insists she renounce Roland. Views Read Edit View history. Lohengrin, Bayreuth Live Opera in three acts. When he finally confesses ljbretto nightly tryst to the Bishop of Ezclarmonde, the bishop and a group of monks intervene on Esclarmonde’s arrival, performing an exorcism and in a crucial moment manage to tear off her veil and thus reveal her identity.

Phorcas, the Emperor of Byzantium, abdicates in favor of his daughter, Esclarmonde. Music composed by Giuseppe Verdi. Desparate, Roland enters a Byzantine tournament seeking death. When she died around the start of the 20th century, it seems that Massenet himself lost interest in the opera he had written for dsclarmonde and he discouraged any further productions. She offers to become his bride and to give him honor and glory, provided that he never discloses her identity.

Phorcas awkens his daughter and enjoins her to renounce Roland. Librtto poster for the premiere. It will serve him well as long as he will remain faithful to her.

The story is based on a medieval legend and revolves around Esclarmonde, an empress and sorceress of Byzantium. The Standard Opera Guide.


Opera Manager – Opera Libretto

Unlike in Wagner, and in so many other composers, there is no tragedy, death or self-sacrifice involved. Zaira Zaira, Tragedia lirica in two acts. After a very successful initial run, however, the opera disappeared from the repertoire and fell into almost complete oblivion. Moreover, long lasting legatojumps from high register to the low with full dynamic rangetrills and staccato on high notes, make all that role unusually difficult and taxing for average soprano to sing.

Annuario dell’opera lirica in Italia”. Soon afterwards Sybil Sanderson fell ill. Soon esclqrmonde libretto found its way into Massenet’s hands, though the precise circumstances in which this occurred remain a mystery. Compositions by Jules Massenet. During the most intensive period of creation in the summer ofMassenet moved into the Grand Hotel in Veveywhere Miss Sanderson was also staying; there he rehearsed with her each evening the various sections of his new opera as he composed them.

He had already seen the entire Ring cycle when it was produced esclarmlnde Brussels in Retrieved from ” https: Opera News, Octobervol.

Esclarmonde – Wikipedia

Esclarmonde sends her beloved libreto an enchanted island, where she will seduce him. The work was commissioned as a spectacular event to open the Paris Exposition of Although the Esclarmonde who appears in Huon is completely different from her operatic counterpart, Huon clearly served librtto the basis of at least part of the opera’s libretto.

HamletMoscow Hamlet: He bestows upon her magical powers on the condition that she must ascend the throne alone until the end of her twentieth year.