La histiocitosis de células de Langerhans (HCL) es una enfermedad poco frecuente M.A. TossSurvey of Hand-Schuller- Christian’disease in otolaryngology. Xantomas en paciente con histiocitosis de células de Langerhans y cirrosis de formas crónicas progresivas, como la enfermedad de Hand-Schüller-Christian. Hashimoto-Pritzker disease, a congenital self-healing form; Letterer-Siwe disease, a severe, acute and disseminate form; Hand-Schüller-Christian disease, .

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D ICD – The radiological image of “floating teeth” is typical of maxillary and mandibular involvement 2,3,5,11,14, CT scan showed a 3. Dwe decided to initiate chemotherapy treatment. Bone scintigraphy showed no other lesions.

There were not any systemic signs or symptoms. A group of rare disorders in which too many Langerhans cells a type of white blood cell grow in certain tissues and organs including the bones, skin, and lungs, and damage them.

Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc; A variable amount of periosteal reaction can be present, ranging from a thick solid type to lamellated. The lesion was elastic to the touch, painful, and impeded normal upper eyelid movement Fig. Granuloma eosinofilo craneal solitario. Three major overlapping syndromes are recognized: Diagnosis is made by means of histopathological analysis, and imaging studies are necessary in order to determine extent of the disease.


EURORAD – Radiologic Teaching Files

Langerhans-cell granulomatosis can involve a single organ, or can be a systemic disorder. Langerhans cells are oval or rounded in shape, pale, and have a predominantly eosinophilic cytoplasm 2,8. Report from the International Registry of the Histiocyte Society. InLichtenstein observed cytoplasmic bodies, known as X bodies, within histiocytes curistian tissues of patients suffering from what were previously considered distinct clinical disorders: In Cases 1 and 2, there schhller been no evidence of local relapse in 9 years and 1 year of disease evolution, respectively.

Bone scintigraphy showed a single, hypercaptating lesion in the right supraorbital region.

Matsushima Y, Baba T. Lymphoproliferative Disorders of the Head and Neck. Case Hand-Schuller-Christian disease Author s. Further examination with cranial MRI revealed the lesion to be 2. Langerhans cell histiocytosis is most common in children and young adults. enfefmedad

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Four months following the second surgery, the patient presented with trismus, swelling and pain in the left upper jaw and in right and left mandibular bodies. Prognosis of LCH in adults is generally good due to the slow evolution of the disease and its favourable response to treatment Eckardt A, Schultze A.

In the mandible and maxilla, bone scguller may produce the appearance of “floating teeth”. Definition NCI A neoplastic proliferation of Langerhans cells which contain Birbeck granules by ultrastructural examination. Radiol Clin North Am. Por esta razon, a la forma multisistemica diseminada y aguda de HCL se le denomino enfermedad de Hand-Schuller-Christian, y a la forma multifocal, progresiva y cronica, enfermedad de Letterer-Siwe.


Oral mucosal lesions without underlying bone disease respond well to perilesional infiltration of triamcinolone acetonide Clinical History The patient presented with local pain, swellingtenderness of the thigh, and loose teeth. Resolution of cutaneous lesions of histiocytosis X by intralesion injections of enfermrdad.

On MRI examination, T1-weighted images reveal a lesion isointense to adjacent tissue and T2-weighted images reveal high signal areas of marrow replacement.

Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis

Final Diagnosis Hand-Schuller-Christian disease. Figure 1 Plain radiographs Figure 1a. Related links to external sites from Bing. It is associated with a triad of exophthalmoslytic bone lesions often in the skulland diabetes insipidus from pituitary stalk infiltration.

TI-weighted image with contrast: Sutton D ed Textbook of Radiology and imaging. Retrieved from ” https: Albacete 2 Head of Section. Diffuse Histiocytosis X involving the eyelid of year-old Woman.