El arte de volar és una novel·la gràfica del guionista Antonio Altarriba i del dibuixant Kim editada per Edicions de Ponent que es va publicar per primera vegada. from “The Art of Flying”. by Antonio Altarriba Translated by Adrian West. Click image below to enlarge. From El arte de volar. Published by Ediciones de Ponent . El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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On the first level, the author is transfigured in the thoughts of this father through the supporting texts of the introduction and the first pages of the first chapter. I received news about Concha from an aunt who was certain it happened.

Graphic Lit

Y porque no hay seis Death would be the last exit closing the circle of his life. Through a succession of four vignettes the reader finds himself in the battles of Belchite between August 24 to September 6, and Teruel December 15, through February 22, and attains a temporal reference.

In El arte de volar, Altarriba volr to achieve that pact, at least in fifty percent of the text Kim is the artist and as a result is also author of the comicthrough the fusion of father and son. Skip to main content. The online guide of titles from Spanish publishers and literary agents with rights for translation in the UK. With these references, the reader knows that the Lead Alliance, capitalized for its significance in the book, happened around December 10, Die to continue living.

The constant references to the present and the declarations of sincerity break with the typical fictional pact of the novel, also serving as a reminder to the reader that he is before an altarriba act, permitting him greater trust of the content that antlnio narrator-author transmits. Anyway, Antonio is a man with a sole purpose in life: This need to be free will finally be complete with his decision to throw himself out of the window of the nursing home.


Reading for myself was different and it took awhile to get use to it. Afte 09, Ricardo rated it really liked it. Pablo, tired of humiliation, ends up giving into a life of crime that leads him to ruin: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 3 comments.

El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba

This is one of the allegorical markers referred to earlier. I really liked it, it’s a kind of important moment in antnio history of comics that now we English-speakers can experience.

According to White, historical facts can only be free from subjective contamination if the entities are prelinguistic. The author’s postface is, one last time, really heartbreaking and we empathize with him, with his telling of his father’s story.

In relation to the Holocaust, for example, La Capra explains that the historian produces narrations of very different natures depending on his position before the facts. His strict altarrba, bad Depression-era jobs, Franco-era fascistic repression, a bad marriage, and so on.

Here the characters are constantly evolving as a result of their experiences, beginning with the main character. However, the ghost of the Franco dictatorship will always be present in its three manifestations: Muy interesante y enriquecedor.

Just another life The blending of genres autobiographical novel permits the development of the protagonist without one of the common characteristics of the autobiography: Before the fatal incident his son had convinced him to write his memories down as a way to fight the depression that he was sinking into day after day.


I believe they can.

El arte de volar – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

But he also showed remorse by burying the only thing that he believed in until the end of his days, the memory of his friends. In fact, this authorial presence is reinforced when he appears as a character in the drawings.

The same happens with the Milagro del Pilar on August 3,when four bombs were dropped on the Basilica del Pilar without detonating. It is a story about so. On May 4th,Antonio Altarriba’s father committed suicide.

El arte de volar

Barcelona, one of the Republican capitals, is converted into a symbol of the problems of disunion and snobbism that stalked the Republican forces between their own lines 64— Being a graphic novel the comparisons with Maus are inevitable and all voalr all possibly because I know a little more about the holocaust I ‘enjoyed’ Maus better, if enjoy is the appropriate word.

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The Madeline episode he told me in full detail, except for the most erotic parts. Altarriba follows the parameters of the autobiographical novel in the moment that he recreates historic episodes which include his father, as is the case for battles and other events that serve also as temporal marks.

It’s the heartbreaking story of the writer’s father, but it’s a little bit everybody’s because as father and son melt in one same person, all of us are who we are because of our families and their history.