The Egogram Test Question 10 of If I want to say something, I say it. True Not sure. False. Calculating your result Other Tests. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical. This test is based on transactional analysis. One of the better approaches to understand what’s happening in the relations that we share with others. The test is.

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I’m a human with feelings but not at all emotional. It is a way to protect yourself, because you might fear not be up to the challenge.

You behave however you please. Last edited by narcissistic; at You have a good grasp of reality. You are not a hindrance. Trst do not concern you. You are a person who is too easily influenced by others. You accept others’ company and you prefer to let them make the first move when initiating a relationship.

You want to be close to others and be liked by them.

The Egogram Test

People look at me say: Your way of taking into account your problems and those of others Your thoughts weigh on your actions too much and you might forget your emotions.


You do not have mood swings. You have a slight temper. You are sensitive to the affective side of situations. You can be just as critical as you can be creative. You think that they are important and you are convinced of their usefulness.

Higher than average “Spontaneous Child”: The Egogram test The Egpgramme test I have not seen these tests here. Everything is clear and I question myself constantly. Concerning your capacity for change: You think that they are sometimes useless or too strict although necessary. You are not a normative person. You know how to convince others and you have no problem asserting yourself. You do not always think before acting or making a decision in most situations. You appear to be a rather calm person, with no esssential need to spend energy expressing yourself.

You are essentially a teest person, with all of the excessive behaviour that that implies. Higher than average “Child” dimension: In your mind rules are sometimes useful. Concerning your capacity for change You do not feel comfortable with yourself at all and you might often feel lost. Generally speaking, you act without too much hesitation. When you decide something, it is not easy to stop egogdamme or to make you change your mind.

Lower than average “Creative Child”: Higher than average Creative Child; You have a good level of imagination or intuition. All times are GMT Lower than average Adapted Child; You sometimes question yourself before acting. You generally have an objective and sound analysis of reality.

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You know egkgramme to convince others, without always asserting yourself. Your psychological autonomy Going along with the previous section, you have a rather weak psychological autonomy. You draw little energy from expressing your emotions.

Egogram – Introduction

Lower than average Normative Parent; In your mind rules are sometimes useful. The time now is Concerning reality and fact analysis Everything seems clear, maybe too clear.

You might appear not to be sensitive or concerned with anything. You might not be easygoing. You seem to be a fairly stable person with a good level of energy, who communicates egogramne with others. Your way of egogrammr into account your problems and those of others: You are a thoughtful person when needed, without dithering about decisions. This could lead you to a certain instability.

You do not have a specific ability to change and you’re not a particular driving force.