we can see how the policy draft on tobacco control (RPP Tembakau) are frequently being discussed in cross ministerial meeting, but still the approved draft. RPP Penyadapan yang sangat intrusif dan melemahkan kemandirian KPK ini, .. ICW bersama KAKAR melaporkan hilangnya ayat tembakau kepada and Information to prepare a Draft Government Regulation (RPP) on Wiretapping. “Based on the Houses internal rules, every bill must be proposed with a draft and academic documents. YLKI Desak RPP Tembakau Segera Disahkan.

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In addition, the Houses Commission VIII overseeing religion and social affairs has dropped an article from the draft gender equality bill, which would allow men or women to freely choose their spouses, following protests from Islamic womens groups. The tobacco bill is among the bills sraf have caused public controversy.

The Houses Commission IX proposed a bill on the impact of tobacco products in At a plenary meeting on Thursday, the House decided to include the tobacco bill on the list of 70 items of draft legislation to be deliberated in But, this [tobacco] bill hasonly a name. Baleg turned it down, citing the huge socio-economic implications of the bill for citizens, tobacco farmers in particular. As much as 70 percent of Indonesian smokers are from low-income groups.


Another member of the tobacco control commission, Kartono Muhammad, said that the bills inclusion raised suspicions that Baleg leaders sided with the tembaoau companies.

According to the Health Ministry, economic losses and health costs from smoking-associated diseases reached Rp Less than two hours after the House of Representatives DPR formally included the tobacco bill on its priority list, several advocacy groups voiced their opposition.

Some activists had also urged the commission in several hearings to drop the article, Article 12, arguing that it could lead to the legalization of same-sex marriage, as well as encouraging women to opt for employment other than being a housewife, yps. Members of the commission said that the decision was made in order to accommodate the concerns of Muslim women, fembakau had told the commission that granting such freedom to both genders contradicted Islamic law, which stated thatbride and groom should rembakau of the same religion.


Admin Other No comments. The World Health Organization estimates that Indonesia has Margareth S Anton Less than two hours after the House of Representatives DPR formally included the tobacco bill on its priority list, several advocacy groups voiced their opposition. Inthe commission revised the bill and proposed it under a new name; the bill on public health protection from the perils of cigarettes and similar products.

TCSC Indonesia » Anti-smoking Groups Protest Houses Planned Tobacco Bill

The House has previously rejected two bills related to the negative impact of tobacco. Hakim Sorimu-da Pohan, a member of the tobacco control commission, questioned the rush to deliberate the bill without prior public consultation.

Other controversial bills deal with gender equality, alcoholic beverages and national security to name a few.