Arrugas (Spanish Edition) [Paco Roca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book. Francisco Martínez Roca aka Paco Roca (born in on Valencia, Spain) is a Spanish strip cartoonist with experience in graphic novels and advertisement illustrations. He’s best known for his comic-books like Wrinkles. Perro Verde Films produced a cinema adaptation titled Arrugas (Spanish for. Wrinkles (in Spanish: Arrugas) was a huge commercial breakthrough for Paco Roca when it was published in Spain in The protagonist is.

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Avevo deciso di limitare a 4 stelle la valutazione delle graphic novels. Non prende scorciatoie, racconta tutto, senza compiacimento, senza cercare la lacrima facile. Konami, Kanata, Published: Because the metaphorical nights are long and they threaten always the metaphorical days. But as Emilio slips further and further into forgetful darkness Miguel becomes almost desperate to keep his new found friend from being moved to the second floor and devises a daring and dangerous plan to help Emilio hang on to life.

Miguel on the other hand is determined not to give in to old age without a pac.

Instead Paco Roca, the straight up brilliant author and illustrator for this astoundingly beautiful graphic novel turns a forgotten man grappling with a horrifying disease into something very like a fairy tale. Rose who believes she is on the Orient Express bound pwco Istanbul.

We forget they played an important part in our lives and in society and consider them useless. La trama si concentra su Emilio, un anziano che soffre di Alzheimer e che per questo viene portato dalla sua famiglia in casa riposo. Niente di tutto questo. He does such a good job, in fact, that I hate Wrinkles.

Years later, he reverted again to his former self, but for me the damage was well accomplished. A subtle and deeply touching tale on the last phase of life, with much respect for both the residents and the caregivers, on a significant theme of which the social relevance is only increasing with a growing older population.

Arrugas by Paco Roca. In the end, Emilio is sent to arrugaa second floor of the facility – rlca place where no one comes back. No trivia or quizzes yet.


I truly loved this book. Infatti, non mancano silenzi, pause, sospensioni. This was a fantastic emotional read. Emilio, a former bank manager, is taken to an old age home by his bitter son when his rapidly worsening dementia becomes too much for him to deal with. Nov 05, Fugo Feedback rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Assuming that living a life in human dignity requires a certain degree of freedom, autonomy and individuality, people sometimes postulate that if they would find themselves debilitating and in a situation deprived of the essentialities of what makes us human and which define a certain quality of life, they would prefer having their lives shortened.

Aug 15, Lucia Fonseca rated it it was amazing. I recommend them because they are good or great.

Wrinkles by Paco Roca review – a tender graphic novel about Alzheimer’s disease

Altre storie di altri personaggi si incroceranno comc questa pafo, tutte esaminate dal tocco sensibile e abile di Paco Roca. A tiny rise in the corners of the mouth or a subtle furrowing of the brow conveys volumes about a character. Disegni essenziali, colori tenui, vignette mute. And ones about Alzheimer’s, which in an aging population looks something like an epidemic? El Alzheimer es tremendamente cruel y este libro refleja la comuc tal y como es. Emilio, a former bank manager, is taken to an old age home by his bitter son when his rapidly worsenin You’d think arrugass a book chronicling an old man’s abandonment by his son at an old age home and subsequent decent into dementia would be the single most depressing thing you read all year.

I recommend these books and movies often and without hesitation. Ma in questo caso faccio una eccezione. It is based on the comic of the same name, and won two Goya awards — for best adapted screenplay and best animated film. Unaware of his diagnosis Emilio is nonplussed by his new surroundings where the residents spend most of their time sleeping until their next meal.

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Wrinkles was adapted into a successful animated film in and has won numerous international awards. Aug 27, Repix rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this section you can search among all our contents by topic to find the different resources available in Zrrugas, such as museums, routes, destinations, monuments and many, many more.


Want to Read saving…. Originally released in France by the publishing house Delcourt in MarchWrinkles did not arrive in Spanish until the following year thanks to publisher Astiberri Ediciones. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life. Gracias, Paco Roca, por invocarme a la Zule, fue uno de los mejores regalos que arrutas hizo un libro.

Paco Roca – Wikipedia

One of the great glories of the comics xomic and one that is continually being probed and explored is its ability to propose a visual-narrative reflection of psychological phenomena. Roca uses the toolset of comics to seamlessly transport guests of the home into the world as they are experiencing it. We are so wrong.

He has no family of his own and he assures Emilio he’s never needed anyone but himself. Vive una vita propria, forse relegata ai margini delle forme d’espressione artistica, ma usa i suoi strumenti che sono solo suoi e lo rendono unico.

I am able to recognize their nearness to whatever we might be tempted to describe as objective quality. I don’t want to spoil, I’ll paste the description below Sep 16, Carmen rated it it was amazing. I guess in a weird way she has grown older just to go back to her childhood or youth at the same time.

Because they are still the person they once were and they still have wishes and hopes and desires. While its true we do see the darkness that comes with this illness, the tantrums, the violence and the damage done to loved ones Roca also weaves a sort of magic through the narrative through the eyes of those who are lost in their foggy memories.