Viaje a Ixtlán has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Esta, la tercera entrega de la serie en la que Carlos Castaneda describe las enseñanzas de don Juan Matus, es. Viaje a Ixtlán has 1 rating and 0 reviews: Published by FCE, Paperback. Booktopia has Viaje a Ixtlan, Las Lecciones de Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. Buy a discounted Paperback of Viaje a Ixtlan online from Australia’s leading.

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His 12 viahe have sold more than 8 million copies in 17 languages. The first three books tell the same story, but Ixtlan gets it casaneda and you miss little of importance from the first two books.

Anyone looking for answers to life’s little mysteries. I’ve classed this volume as psychology [one could also, legitimately, class them as religion or as fiction] because so much of its content has to do with what we conventionally call “altered states” and relegate to psychologists. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

My perception of the world through the effects of those psychotropics had been so bizarre and impressive that I was forced to assume that such states were the only avenue to communicating and learning what Don Juan was attempting to teach me. He discusses information that was apparently missing from the first two books regarding stopping the world which previously he had only regarded as a metaphor. In the introduction he writes:. This for me is always a good sign!

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

Llasmin Y added it Jul 26, Although it appears to be the case that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts, including that of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series, it also appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered states of consciousness.

Throughout the book Castaneda portrays himself as skeptical and reserved in his explanations of the phenomena at hand, but by the end of the book Castaneda’s rationalist worldview is seen to be breaking down in the face of an onslaught of experiences that he is unable to explain logically. This is caastaneda first in a series of books which Castaneda wrote after he realized czrlos his prior emphasis on psychotropic drugs was a misleading and “erroneous” means of conveying the lessons he gained from his apprenticeship with don Juan.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Apr 30, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. He has a conversation with a coyote who speaks both English and Spanish!

Viaje a Ixtlán: las lecciones de don Juan

I took this book out of the library on a whim, because I like looking at different points of view. He also finds that psychotropic plantsknowledge of which was a significant part of his apprenticeship to Yaqui shaman don Juan Matus, are not as important in the world view as he had previously thought.

In a way the book seemed to be about a sense of personal power and confidence. View all 3 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Castaneda starts off with a scientist view, as a skeptic and later is blown away by what happens to him, which then becomes his life long pursuits.

Castaneda died on April 27, in Los Angeles due to complications from hepatocellular cancer.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Las Lecciones de Don Juan

I am not sure why I held off reading Castaneda’s works for so long, perhaps I just wasn’t at a place to enjoy them, who knows. Beyond that, however, I’ve had a couple of auditions hearing voices which weren’t coming from anyone another in the room would have hearda rather unpleasant hallucinatory episode and at least two induced breakthroughs to domains radically different than this one I’m typing in–all of which felt realer-than-real.

The book is full of incomprehensible statements and alternate ways of looking at reality which are difficult to understand–at least this was my experience.

So if you are only planning on reading one, pick calos one. If you are open to the teachings in these books, they can truly be powerful and life-changing and, living far away from home as I was in my mids in Finland, I was captivated by Don Juan’s teachings since, as a youth, I had traveled a lot with my family in Mexico and the American Southwest so Caroos could visualize from Finland the landscapes and culture they were part of.


They demonstrate what a little character development can do as a vastaneda tool for making metaphysics accessible and light.

If he succeeds in his hunting he becomes a man of knowledge. As the book progresses, we become changed in much the way Carlos does. His 12 books have sold more than 8 million copies in 17 languages. They lived together for only six months, but their divorce was not finalized until If you are seeking metaphysical understanding, then reject these works as literal truth – but decide for yourself whether they serve you well as allegory and metaphor.

I remember being a small child. To those who say it’s fiction, I say so what? Jul 05, Eric rated it it was amazing. One way to read this is as a Tao-like tome — to stop trying to control the world and to fit in as one among the many.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Carlos Castaneda :

You might be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish. To arrive at that being is the not-doing of the self. In later books, Juan describes that there are only so many kinds of men, and that Genaro is a man of action. Biaje is the second book in the series written by Carlos Castaneda.