Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After a heroic attempt to be an English major forever, Captives of the Night (Scoundrels Book 2) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Captives of the Night, le livre audio de Loretta Chase à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. Such is Loretta Chase’s Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and.

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Kelicikan dan manipulatifnya lenyap tak bersisa.

Captives of the Night — All About Romance

Kate Reading is chxse Well matched couple investigates murder Aug 25, Miranda Davis rated it did not like it Recommends it for: But I suppose that’s neither here nor there. Ce que les membres d’Audible en pensent. Sweet combination of romance and mystery Any additional comments? Votre titre Audible gratuit Captives of the Night. But he was and there wasn’t any.

You’re recaps are hilarious. Still, even a weak Loretta Chase is better than the majority of books out there. Did you struggle with it? Otherwise, though, Captives of the Night is a solid romance novel with a better-than-average mystery. Feb 15, Anachronist rated it really liked it. Not only was I bored for the longest periods, I found myself baulking at how certain things were handled and how much attitudes have changed in twenty years.

I’m pretty sure I’m not as smart as I think I am because I did actually have trouble keeping up with the twists and turns of it. The investigation promises to be lengthy and tedious, since there are no obvious leads and scores of people with good reason to want Francis dead.

Desert Isle Keeper

At the beginning, she’s suspected of the crime, given that her and her husband haven’t gotten along in years and in fact, everybody knows they don Captives of the Night had one of cnase most disagreeable heroines I’ve had the misfortune to find in romance.


May 14, Julianna rated it it was ok Shelves: There is nothing I can say that is wrong with this book. When Francis turns up dead in the Beaumont townhouse, right after a loud and cbase argument with his wife, Leila is seen as the primary suspect, innocent though she is. As it should be! IMO the female version of Nicholas Boulton in terms of voice acting, versatility and consummate skill in portraying captived male and female characters alike. Neither character wallows in their misfortune.

I caught myself several times thinking ‘it is really good! In her teenage years, she continue to write letters, keep a journal, write poetry and even tue the Great American Novel still unfinished.

As for the other characters, I didn’t really have much respect for any of them. But Francis had demons and horrible secrets that Leila comes to find out with the help of Esmond who may have been responsible for her father’s death over 10 years ago.

Not that I miss him. The loyal lawyer who “took such good care of Leila”, was actually the husband’s partner years ago, when the two of them stole her inheritance hide spoiler ]. You can always make a nice dust jacket out of a newspaper sheet and hide that stupid man on the cover. Captives of the Night had one of the most disagreeable heroines I’ve had the misfortune to find in romance.

I call it a true romance because it isn’t magically easy. Walaupun terjemahannya lebih baik dari sebelumnya, cuma membantu sedikit capgives pusing karena kebanyakan tokoh-tokoh yg muncul di novel ini dan beberapa muncul lagi dari novel The Lion’s Daughter.

Of course his previous, inght, misdemeanours and crimes become known as his love for Leila Beaumont develops, and he is utterly delicious This gave the feel of a very tedious 19th century procedural examination of a murder case that held little interest for me.


Gratuit avec l’offre d’essai. My paperback cover of this has a blond dude with stubble looking out from behind a curtain.

Captives of the Night by Loretta Chase – FictionDB

Also, I’m valiantly ignoring all the bad, badwords like female, core, and a host of others I’ve managed to forget since reading the book. When her husband is found poisoned, she’s determined to find out who killed him – despite what a philandering jerk he was. For example Francis was never called a barbarian because he was a British citizen who lived captivfs years in Paris.

Leila’s husband has been murdered. Leila is also a fascinating character, a passionate artist struggling with self-loathing after she finds out her father was a criminal and a traitor.

I am glad I read those two first because it gave me a better understanding of the character of Francis Beaumont. But my primary pleasure in this book is the breath-taking dance of seduction between Leila and Esmond.

Captives of the Night

Every xhase is distinct, and if you weren’t already in love with Ismal, you will be, when you encounter him here via Ms Reading’s voice. Saat suami Leila yg super bajingan ditemukan mendadak tewas dgn sianida, hidup Leila berubah sepenuhnya. Even more difficult is the unwanted attraction between the two – Teh distrusts physical desire as her husband used to cover up his own inability to sexually satisfy her by claiming she had a freakishly insatiable lust.

However, this book went beyond my expectations to a whole new level. Leila Beaumont, nee Bridgeburton.