There’s assumption of the dignity of his people, descendants of the black Sudanese, their pride in their way of life. There’s rational Mohammedanism thinly . Complete summary of Camara Laye’s The Dark Child. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dark Child. Analysis and discussion of characters in Camara Laye’s The Dark Child.

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His parents, too, are caught in this conflict of wanting him to succeed but knowing that his success means his departure from their lives. Laye shares his childhood with the reader in an open and frank way, he lets us into his family, into his village and into his way of life. Laye was born January 1,in Kourassa, French Guinea, and became the eldest son of 12 children fathered by Camara Komady, a leading blacksmith in the region.

The Mariner faces an inner struggle over Create fark for the charactersperhaps humorous ones “linking an item from the person’s life with a common suffix” A Dialogue with Contemporary African Writers. He attended both the Koranic and French elementary schools in Kouroussa. For most Malinke, education was dispensed by parents, especially the mother, who imparted traditional knowledge in the form of songs, tales, and proverbs.

Before you can login, you camars to create an account. View a FREE sample. The monstrous lions who terrify the initiates are manufactured, not real.

This moment is one of many instances in which Laye implicitly suggests a rejection of colonial French education and society, and an embracement of traditional African values.

Out of many postcolonial texts can come many interesting and critical student papers, ones that may relate well to student’s own personal life experiences and cultural backgrounds. Between and the French Federal School System founded a number of elementary and preparatory schools, which emphasized basic drak, assuming that most students would not go on to secondary schools.

In a sense, the narrator is a fast-talking con artist, aiming not so much to capture the listener’s belief as to keep the listener so interested and so chlld that the question of whether the incidents really happened will never come up” UK Membership in the European Union: He must certainly have developed a very retentive memory stored with facts handed down to him by his predecessors, for this is the basis of all our oral traditions.


Laye wrote The Dark Child at age nineteen as a student in Paris, homesick for his mother and his homeland.

Though gifted as a storyteller and a prose stylist, Laye was not trained in literature but dadk an engineer. Laye shares too his own conviction in connections between the Muslim faith and the practical world. The perspective Laye uses to track the story behind growing up in rural and later urban Guinea, is similar to I, Rigoberta Menchu where the Guatemalan woman tells her coming of age story in a similar way, though the motives for constructing each novel are vastly different.

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The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

When the French formed the colony of French Guinea inthey chose for their capital the small fishing village of Conakry. Develop response guides sheets that ask students to respond to the voice they thee when listening to the narrator for each student’s character description. The setting makes Laye’s life interesting because it is unique and simultaneously undersco An enjoyable coming of age story about Camara Laye’s childhood in French Daek.

It also is important to note that his idealistic perception of masculinity, his father, saves him from this ordeal.

I loved how the author was so close to his family and culture. In chapter six he describes his school punishments as severe, and the lessons as quite difficult. His mother was from the village of Tindican, and his immediate childhood surroundings camars not predominantly influenced by French culture. Anyway, I enjoyed this book as an insight into a life at a moment of great change, starting in a very traditional setting and moving very quickly into different worlds.

Explore Personal Web Sites of Guinean people A get-to-know citizens placing biographical, personal, and professional information about themselves on the net for others to dqrk.

Edgar, Christopher and Padgett, Ron. When he is ready to go to school in the capital, it is a train that carries him away. Nicely rendered, but not likely to be memorable. This memoir is an enjoyable read that is a picturesque coming of age story set in Africa.


The Dark Child

This book, detailing the earlier part of his life in the French Gambia is simply amazing. It is into this tiny fraction that Camara Laye falls.

Purchase The Dark Child at Amazon. Latest in Literature Poetry. From an early age, Laye stands slightly apart even from his closest friends: View the Lesson Plans. The book allows the reader to question almost all of the givens in the knowledge bank he or she has acquired from Western civilization. Then, when Laye pulls back the veil to reveal teh readers may have suspected, they can understand why such events are so important, how sophisticated in fact these rituals are.

Unfortunately, it played into French stereotypes about the primitive, superstitious African. She suggests he is more displaced than anything else, citing examples from the end of the book where he locates the subway map given him by his father, and sits in confusion on the plane, pondering his next course of action. Very easy to use.

A first revision of the draft takes place, before moving on to the next day’s assignment. Open Preview See a Problem? Laye then goes on to note: In France, Guinean lyae found their African degrees to be all but meaningless: Europeans embraced the memoir.

Shortly after moving into his hut, Laye leaves at 15 years of age to attend “Ecole Georges Poiret, now known as the technical college” in Guinea’s capital city of Conakry Gallo Innocent lamb, savage tiger, free-flying eagle — time after time animals interrupt poetry as the ideal, the muse, the hero, or the grotesque operating alongside humanity.

Neat to see how it stacks up against the weather in our home country.