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Target Tracking with B Tracking People with N Flapping wings with PV This amplifier could be used for – web edge guiding right or left – center guiding Please contact the producer for any different application. 0100 integration into the machine control system via: Please find the connection plans of the nominated modules at the corresponding operating instructions.

BST Ekr1000 H307-01 EKR 1000 Profibus DP Commander 115/230v 50-60hz

External keys will interlock the reverse function keys at the amplifier. Simultaneously, the OK-relay is switched-off. Assembly, installation and commissioning must be carried out by qualified personnel!

Please do not open the unit until the line voltage is switched off! When operation at open unit is necessary, only protection class IP20 is present. There will be an increased risk of danger by line voltage! Make relevant safety arrangements during performance check! During start-up procedure, the total safety concept of the production machine will have to be considered.

Emissions The A-rated equivalent continuous sound level of the equipment is lower than 70 dB A. For transport purposes, the unit will be packed in standard cardboard boxes with cellular lining material. If the unit is not incorporated immediately, please storage it in a non-moistured room until mounting. Complete wiring and close terminal compartment. Tread the individual insulated leads through the galvanised washer, included in delivery and press the washer onto the shield braiding.

Tighten the cable in the cable gland. Strip the lead ends eventually, use protective lugs and wire according to connection diagram. Pneumatic edge sensors have to be mounted in such a way that with horizontal web path the connection S1, carrying the higher pressure, is placed below air escape S1 turned towards above.

Slip the hose ends onto the corresponding connection pieces S1 and S2.

Connect the second edge sensor with the second connection piece S1 and the connection piece marked S2. If only one sensor is present, seal the second connection S1 at the ZT 6. Connect the air outlet at the BS unit by means of single air hose with the connection piece in the middle not varnished at the ZT 6.


When the ZT 6. Do not connect BS with the connections S1, S2. Blowing in compressed air is inadmissible and will also destroy the unit! The lateral channel compressor unit BS has to be installed on even and plane surface either vertically or horizontally.

In case of separate mounting, the pneumo-electronic transducer ZT 6. Make sure that free access to the interior of the box is possible after having removed the cover. Set DIL-switches according to application.

Dither OFF electric motor powered actuator? Dither OFF hydraulic actuator? Dither ON hydraulic actuator? Lay jumper according to the application The amplifier standard version with electric motor powered actuator is preset by manufacturer as follows: Set line voltage Make sure that the voltage on the name plate of the amplifier corresponds to the actual supply voltage! Correct in case of deviation.

Connection of components according connection plan Installation of EMC-wiring see point 4. Connection of remote control according connection plan if present 6.

Remove the bdt plate with the cable gland and pull out the PCB? Connect an AVO meter to the terminals 2 and 3? Ensure that there is no obstruction between 100 light source and the PLE, then rotate the PLE around its longitudinal axis until the meter gives maximum reading. Remove the upper housing cover. Both the fluorescent lamp and the electronics are accessible. If this should not be the case, a correction of the zero point should be nst with the potentiometer 2.

With free fork-shaped opening, a room temperature of Corrections can be carried out by means of potentiometer 1. The amplifier recognised hereby the connected components.

Clean existing edge sensor. Cover the edge sensor completely, e. Cover edge sensor completely again. If opposed positioning movement is desired interchange actuator polarity a at terminals 28 and When actuator EMS 6 will be employed, interchange the terminals 65 and 66 in addition. Select sensors or 3.

BST North America: BST North America

Remove material from the sensor and clean the lenses! Cover the sensor with ekrr material to be guided! Preselect both sensors 3. Remove all material from the sensors and clean the lenses! Cover the sensors with the material to be guided!

Remove material from both sensors and clean the lenses! Cover completely the sensors with the material to be guided! Setting is required only for the first start-up. If the type eekr the web material requires reversion of the guiding direction, this happens automatically during the material-SET UP. If slow guiding reaction is desired, the gain may still be reduced further.


If the sbt component is moving into t the final position, DIL switch S1. During the start-up the actuator will carry out positioning movements!

The machine must be protected against danger of injury according to the relevant rules and regulations! The motor is switched off when reaching the end of stroke by means of an alarm contact of the limit switch. The output will be switched off by a software program. The motor will be switched off without cutout. When activating the opposite direction the alarm message will reset automatically. The output will then be switched off.

Close again the cover of the plunger coil regulator. From software version E Dither amplitude and zero point adjustment can be varied 5. Only significant from software version E For adjustment, remove cover of the ZT 6.

Never clean the edge sensor with compressed air!

It will destroy the pressure pick up! Operation The system only admits operation with the components actually present! The indication of shifting occurred via EKR display. The possible shifting of guiding point is max. Clean lenses of the sensors and determine the contrast according to the graph below. Remote control Truth table for the remote control inputs EKR e. Trouble shooting When an error is detected, the relay? Error message will be cleared automatically.

Motor was switched off. Responsible With connected FVG During shifting of guiding point via arrow keys a limit stop was reached. Displacement of the web will be stopped.

Remedy actuate shifting into opposite direction LEDs at the commander are blinking as follows: With connected FVG During edge seeking or after web tear, the inner limit switch was reached. Maintenance The amplifier is maintenance-free. The cleaning of the keyboard should be carry out with a dry, clean and smooth cloth. By high contamination, use for cleaning a usual liquid cleaner, benzene or spirit.

De-commissioning De-commissioning scrapping of the guiding system must carry out only together with the complete unit.

EKR with analogue sensors_百度文库

100 procedure used has to be defined by the OEM. The disposal of which is subject to the relevant legal rules and regulations. Please reach the necessary agreements.