Read Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires 10) Online, Free Novels Online, Read Book Online, Listen Novels Online. After discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that Bite Club by Rachel Caine Also in The Morganville Vampires. In BITE CLUB, the 10th book in Rachel Caine’s popular Morganville Vampires series, we return to Texas Prairie University and the town of.

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I know I have. The potential for new stories in this vampire run college town is apparently limitless.

Bite Club | Morganville Vampires Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I have a feeling I will never ever re-read these books. I smell spin-off or a trip through Morganville through his eyes. One thing that is really being to annoy me are the idioms and text speak being used on a regular basis. Even after reading the first 9 books in this series, I’m always surprised by how different but interconnected each books is. You know you were thinking the same thing…. Vanpires is located next to the Day house, secretly hidden from everyone but those Amelie wishes to share this information with.

Also, I’m not so sure I liked the Shane perspective. My homicidal tendencies always come out vamipres a female character comes into the picture in a series only to screw up everything between one of my favorite couples. It was a VERY tough decision Or I should say, another day in the life of Morganville and Claire.

We see his deepest hopes and doubts and watch as they morph into something unrecognizable. Frank Collins is still being kept a secret, Shane is drifting away and even Eve and Micheal have a secret!

I really actually hate the idea of Myrnin and Claire together and everyone seems to be saying that they’re going to end up together. Morganville, Texas United States. Aug 12, Arlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: After my excitement of receiving this book in the mail died down from an extreme happy dance, I quickly started devouring the latest installment in bie Morganville Vampire series.


Don’t get me wrong here, it worked a lot better then I ever thought it would, making a huge impact on an already successful series, so what I’m getting at is, even though I was expecting something different, It was really good to understand Shane on a whole new emotional level.

This book made it very obvious that he does care for Claire, but in what moeganville is still morganvile mystery. Still loving the series and characters in Bit.

February 18, 21 20 Feb 28, I feel like the first couple of books were good, well a little, but now it’s starting to feel like a chore to read them.

Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires 10)

He was really facing morhanville own personal demons as well as being charmed by an evil vampire who drove him to be a rather aggressive force, but not for the good. You know, keep it from getting boring and so on. Everything starts getting shaky again when a boy from her science class is found murdered, Shane starts acting strangely violent and aggressive, and a new pay-per-view internet show featuring vampires vs.

Shane is all about working out and learning new ways to fight the vampires, and if he can learn to fight from an actual vampire, then even better. After this he nite a full-fledged vampire.

This is a lesson everyone in Morganville learns hard in this latest installment. With the mess that Shane is in, and the rest of the gang’s cluelessness, as well as the vampire’s general arrogance and I found myself more frustrated then the enthralled I normally am while reading books in this series. All I have to say is Shane is an asshole and he doesn’t deserve Claire. I mean, he was a total jerk to not only Clare but Michael and Eve too so to see the ending turn out the way that it did?

He didn’t look away, either. May 04, Sonja rated it really liked it. Yes, I saved the best for last… there is plenty of Myrnin to go around. Then there’s Michael who was just meh. This book was such a rush! And Myrnin gets in on the action which I found thoroughly entertaining.


However, mid way through the reader is rewarded with Claire getting her groove back on. Much like watching reruns of your favorite shows after they’ve left the air Buffy, Friends, Moonlight, etcetera, etceteraI’ll reread this wonderful series time and again.

I apologize for the language, but there really is no other way to describe Glory. Claire, who I started to like a little bit from the past book has now become an annoyance and I just don’t care for her. A coffee shop located just off the TPU campus, Common Grounds acts as neutral territory for meetings between the human and vampire population.

This book seemed to have less Shane and Claire, together, than urg! I used to love Eve but with how she was talking in this book, she is now the type of person I would avoid hanging out with. The protagonists of the novels are the four young adults who live in The Glass House. Overall, there is a reason this series has gone on this long: Another fantastic addition to The Morganville Vampire series.

A third-tier state university, often used as a starter school by students unable to get into challenging institutions of higher education. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Is it any wonder that I continue to read these books and enjoy each just as much as the previous one? Fans of Claire will be just a little disappointed in her actions in the beginning. Past decisions come back to bite them all in the rear end, as issues that should have been resolved have not been.