Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. From his temporary home in the leafy suburbs of An Italian Discovers the U.S. by [Severgnini, Beppe] . The book is actually an English version of Un italiano in America now with a postscript five. : An Italian in America (): Beppe Severgnini: Books. Un Italiano in America (Italian Edition) Paperback. out of 5 stars 4. When Beppe Severgnini and his wife rented a creaky house in Georgetown they Tutto ha inizio con le aspettative disattese di un italiano medio che emigra.

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Un italiano in America

Not Enabled Screen Reader: Trivia About Ciao, America!: Dec 27, Jill Jaracz rated it really liked it. Italians will find it funny that Americans keep their buildings as cold as a refrigerator in the summer, and that Italians like to complain about it.

There are some nostalgia-producing moments, like when he claims that it is easier to call severgnni than to contact them online. It’s funny how groups of humans gather together and create slightly different versions of the same existence.

What this book offers is a chance to look at how Americans are perceived by those living among us.

Un italiano in America : Beppe Severgnini :

In the wry but affectionate tradition of Bill Bryson, Ciao, America! Un po’ annoiato ho iniziato a gustarlo sul kindle, abbandonando l’ipad dopo pochissimo. Succumbing to his surroundings day by day, he and his wife find themselves developing a taste for Klondike bars and Samuel Adams beer, and even that most peculiar of American institutions — the pancake house. Both agree about the state of jogging Americans being enthusiasts and Italians being puzzledthe differing nature and celebrations of Christmas, the habit of Americans being job and job title obsessed, the world-wide obsession with professional soccer with America being an exception.


La mia recensione completa su http: But if you can get over that like I did, it’s a fun read. It’s all the little things you’d never think of, and you almost don’t even notice them because sometimes they’re quite subtle.

After living in Naples for three years, the first couple of chapters of this book made me laugh out loud, read parts aloud to my husband, and then laugh again with him. Overall, though, this is an oft-humorous glimpse of an outsider’s perspective of America, albeit one that is highly localized and dated. The comments he provides about his time in the U.

An Italian Discovers the U.

Tuttavia, come spesso accade, esistono diverse prospettive da cui osservare l’argomento. And I smiled when I got to the severhnini in which Severgnini took friends to a 4th of July celebration in Washington DC—complete with a well-planned meal, a wicker basket, and summer white linen outfits—and wondered by they were getting stared at.

I figure that this is the way the literary gods speak, so I try my best to listen. Each chapter represents a month.

Paperbackpages. Nov 21, Leon rated it really liked it Shelves: The book drags, it’s incredibly dated which isn’t exactly his fault. Many of the things I noticed since moving to America have been captured in this book with rare and insightful humor.

Dec 24, Ester Elbert rated it it was amazing. But you resign yourself to thinking of it as an insurance policy. Some of the reasons include: This book started o The concept of this book — an Italian and his wife move to America for a year to study the culture — is the reverse of the ever-popular situation in which the American goes to Italy and does the same thing, heppe is why it interested me.


Oct 12, Irene rated it liked it. Also, if you work in a gelato shop or some shitty cafe, I’d prefer it if you didn’t maintain the pretense that you’re thrilled to be there serving me and for god’s sake, don’t ask me how “everything is tasting”.

Ciao, America!: An Italian Discovers the U.S. by Beppe Severgnini

Convinced that you are being deprived of something that you are entitled to, he sorts out the problem personally. I’ve never met anyone who does that! Seventy-five percent of jokes are based on understatement. Apr 08, Amy rated it liked it Recommends it bepps For readers interested in a much better take on the subject, I would suggest the aforementioned Bill Bryson book, which on all counts blows this one away!

Severgnini talks a lot about the culture of that time. But a lot of what Severgnini recounts in this book is peculiar to the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC inwhere and when he was a foreign correspondent. But it is an enjoyable one. An amusing look at life in America uh the eyes of an Italian. For instance, the first conservative House of Representatives in recent history, the Grunge look, talk radio, newspapers.

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In that sense, I don’t believe he really bep;e the U. The increasingly brutal ratings war and the shrinking attention span of the average viewer mean that every single program, from news bulletins to comedy shows, is a barrage of one-liners, sound bites, and instant images. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.