There are periods in which the beauty salon is completely empty. This happens when all the guests die in a short span of time and newly. Mario Bellatin, Author, Kurt Hollander, Translator, trans. from the Formerly a stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator. Beauty Salon. By: Mario Bellatin April 14, A few years ago my interest in aquariums led me to decorate my beauty salon with colored fish. Now that the.

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I read many more books than I write about here at Vertigo. The beauticians, all men, attend their female clients in drag. The details of how he cares for the invalids in his salon and of his past and present plans are equally unsettling and provoking. He recites individuals types and recollects their behavior, with particular attention to violent encounters or mysterious deaths, starting with the first three fish he ever purchased.

Bellatin’s Beauty Salon

He imposes stringent order on his guests: Beauty Salon is, like the fish tanks described within, a small, closed environment, although the paths that can be taken through it are many. The whole transformation must be carried out there, hidden from sight. You might not believe me but I can almost never identify the guests. With a great economy of means it conjures a pungent sense of the microcosm that is this beauty salon converted into the “Moridero” – the place to die.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I believed that wearing something gold would bring me good luck, perhaps save me from bumping into the Goat-Killer Gang that operated in the center of the city. View all 4 comments.

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Published July 1st by City Lights Publishers first published An Essay in 40 Questions. He does it with the first two sentences: I also seem to have gotten used to the smell of sick people.

It was a good hour to do so since many of the clients preferred not to come to this neighborhood so late at night. But a place to come when the only other place open to you to die in is the street. Write a customer review. His nightlife is full of dangers from others, such as a gang that attacks men like him who dress as women and these victims that survive the sporadic violence are subjected to further suffering as they are subsequently shunned by the general population.

Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin–Some Thoughts | CR

In his case, the disease wound up attacking his brain and he went into a long, delirious diatribe that was only interrupted when sleep overwhelmed him. I worked in the beauty salon Monday to Saturday. Although one might consider the illness a metaphor for AIDS—and thus somewhat dated—it is really much better seen a metaphor for sickness in its many senses, and for what sickness does to humanity. A mere 63 pages, which is good, because its density requires multiple re-reads–and in that curious inversion of fiction, the less the author says, the more expansive the story’s meaning becomes.

Although the plague is never named, there is a strong implication of being the AIDs epidemic.

Lots of hype around this one; in the end, not much here after all. I just ordered Lecciones para una liebre muerta… to get a feel for his writing. Heavy and full of emotion. After she had given birth she remained motionless on the bottom of jario tank. The novel was originally published inso perhaps that will have some impact on your interpretation of the mysterious illness striking the city Again one is intrigued by the narrator, who can clearly be so methodical and full of care when he wants, but chooses not to exercise this care for his fellow humans.


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The narrator prepares his guests for death, and finally he too finds the developing signs and symptoms of the disease. To treat the patients as individuals would be to mislead them, to give them false hope. Not even the neighborhood police sslon the area would take him for a ride.

But in my work the rules of the game are always obvious, the guts are exposed, and you can see what is being cooked up.

This is the first work of Bellatin’s to be translated into English and I cannot help but wonder what subtle linguistic notations were mafio in translation. The manager keeps exotic fish in aquariums, which he keenly observes bdauty an allegory of what’s happening in the larger world: Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Where literature and art intersect, with an emphasis on W. Kudos to City Lights Books www. The narrator needs them for some reason, although this reason—clearly related to the ideal of beauty as the narrator sees it—is hard to define.

Realizing that there were many others with nowhere else to go, he reluctantly began to take them in, too.