Battle Cry has ratings and reviews. Matthew said: This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and ExodusOriginally published in , Leon Uris’s Battle Cry is the. It’s terrific: Perhaps there is less searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in.

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It is an inspiring and sometimes tragic story of arguably America’s proudest fighting force and the dedicated, courageous, and vulnerable baftle who filled it’s ranks.

More Crying Than Battling. Consistent with s storytelling, all of the characters are stereotypical. To ask other readers questions about Battle Cryplease sign up. This movie doesnt show us batle guts and bloodshed and realism that is accepted and maybe even expected by todays standards but it does show the loss of war.

It also happens to be a prime example of bad screen writing. A great example of no man is an island.

User Reviews

Oct 16, Marc Leroux rated it it was amazing Shelves: The comments by Mr. And even if one may argue that it was, the desire and allowable limits of the day would have precluded that sort of realism anyway. The amount of story here could feed a six or eight hour TV mini-series, but the film does a fairly nice job of whittling things down and keeping the plot coherent and expedient.

I loved Forrester, Marion MaryMac and a few other characters. And given the lengthy runtime, some of the melodramatic scenes could probably have been edited out. Japan and Germany were very tough hris fight, we won the war but it took a great toll on our Military.

Battle Cry

Sentimental, typical of the 50’s. Of interest to some will be bartle surprising scene in which Freeman splashes about in the surf and hikes her skirt up to where her underwear is fully visible! But with that said, it does boast a number of fine performances and a sequence or two that stays in the memory.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the opening scene we are lead to believe Tab Hunter is the hero, only for him to suddenly dwindle to a bit player half-way through and for Aldo Ray who, confusingly for viewers less familiar with the cast, looks very similar to emerge as the main character. Great adventure This bools explains how the Corps was and needs to be so we can stay strong.


Specially the invasion of Tarawa and Guadalcanal Islands which were under the control of Japan. Classic war story; so revered and respected it bahtle often issued to cadets in military training schools and ROTC programs. The narrator Mac is an archetype, a tough, dedicated, professional warrior with surprising wisdom and insight and a deep, melancholy appreciation for the separation between himself and his boys, who bring too much of their civilian baggage to the fight, but yet have something to return to after they finish it.

The heroism is not just from the men that are fighting but the families they leave behind.

Made several years in the wake of the somewhat more scorching “From Here to Eternity”, this WWII drama is remarkably frank for the time and has a nice assortment of actors eager to please in their roles.

It takes you back to the war. As i mentioned in my summary, ‘I was an unpaid and unspoken extra in this movie. And some of the battle scenes will have you crying. Battle Cry is their story.

They were not as liberal as they are today. Be the first to discover new talent! There are privates in this battalion who can piss more brains down a slit trench then you’ll ever have. They should make more pictures of this quality instead of a lot of the garbage they produce theses days. Upload photo files with.

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In the scene where the worn out soldiers are angered at the sight of another regiment in trucks, a couple of them are giving the finger.

Also, no one, except the very few top brass strategist-commanders, gets to choose his destination or his daily tasks: By the end, I was almost exhausted. He said it was his favorite book when he was younger. Capturing well both the horror and violence of conflict and the unsurpassed comradeship, sacrifice, and bravery of those who fight, this book tallies the cost of freedom and influence and yet, in doing so, presents the reward thereof.


All of them are tough and gung ho. He was there in the Pacificduring World War II not in some office in Hollywood and not long after the question of whether or not we would prevail was yet finalized. The boys of the 6th Marines lived and loved hard because each to a man knew that the “Whores” were not promised tomorrow. Some of the ‘liberty’ scenes are pretty good. Still, the focus on character development is nice. But the grandeur of man comes through in spite of it,-his capacity for heroism, his fundamental tenderness towards his fellows, his hero worship and recognition of greatness, his ability to measure up to the best in him.

There’s an ignorant and scruffy Hispanic, a Navajo who makes references to scalping and smoke signals, an intellectual who wears glasses myopia and bookishness presumably having some esoteric medical linka Texan who strums Home on the Range on an acoustic guitar, etc, etc, etc. Your Mobile has been activated successfully.

BATTLE CRY – LEON URIS Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

I can’t think of another movie from the 50s, especially a flag-waving war movie, where sex, pregnancy, drinking, and adultery are dealt with so openly. They are a rough—and—ready tangle of guys from America’s citi Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics urjs Trinity and Exodus.

InEsquire magazine bought an article, and he began to devote himself to writing more seriously. So much for my movie urie I do think the combat was well enough done, done so sure about all this blood and guts they show now. We used a little profanity, but never filth like they do now.

Good novel for its day –when the USA was the world’s savior–but I hope we’ve grown out of all this rah-rah b. The narrator crry an experinced old time Marine sargent who leads the men through growth and battles.

The story, performances, photography were terrific.