Andreas Nicolas Fischer (). Mercedes Fidanza (http:// ) Barcelona: Gustavo Gili. Dondis, A. (). La sintaxis de la imagen. ESTRUCTURAS METAFÓRICAS EN LA IMAGEN FOTOGRÁFICAJuanita Bagés Villanueva Universidad Complutense de Madrid El objetivo de es. NO+. which would be exhibited in the Centro Imagen gallery in Santiago. Guillermo La sintaxis de la imagen. The Group of Wolfgang Eichwede (. Dondis. Artpool and Enciklopédia Kiadó (Ed.). Andreas Hirsch.

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Critical Pedagogies and Educational Problems. In this process, the denounce whether it is imposed or chosen through the auto denouncethe alteration or the omissions intentioned of a reality are practices attached to the regular work of the photographer and the newspapers publishers which select the visual material.

The media categorize and describe naming and labelling the acts and people, locating an information in a section or in another one and assigning hierarchy. Some of the coverages mention:. Finally, we observe that the graphic media present the siintaxis of Boys and Young men of socially disadvantaged groups associated to violence episodes in schools.

Thus, the portrait became anfrea of the activities of the time. There is no casual photograph, it responds to a social interpretation, a particular way to read the social.

In relation to the field work, in a first phase we peruse the articles from the four newspapers mentioned previously.

isntaxis The analyzed photographic images exaggerate the prejudice about school actors. The representation of the body is being inscribed for more than a century in policies of control and discipline.

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Processes of stigmatization in the photographic narrative of media coverage 1. The effect on the perception of the issue informed stands nucleus of common sense like the one of collaborating in the construction of the pair victim- aggressor.


The images with their footprints and characteristics have formed a knowledged barely appreciated throughout history. The purpose is to approach to the effects that the graphic media generate through the images that go with the mediatic coverages. The look of suspicion over these Young contributes to the stigmatization instead of giving an educational answer on behalf of inclusion.

The words used as search engine domdis La lectura de la imagen: Therefore, photographies went over a triple filter: Therefore, the photograph should be studied since the photographer shot, the groups the actor belongs to and the functions assigned.

The emphasis is on the construction of specific subjects as suffering. The perception of a school crossed by violence is grounded in a sinatxis of cases presented by the mass media. Communication media; Photographs; Young people; School; Violence. Clima, conflicto y Violencia en las escuelas. These faces, as the core ideas of identities, can be analyzed from the racism, as they are used as instruments to associate the episodes of violences in school space to this group:.

The suntaxis was based on the headlines, epigraphs and the corpus of the newspapers articles. The selection criteria for the presentation of the data consisted in choosing those which express continuities in the meaning, in the attempt of observing dondia in tension which result would be the change or the continuity of a form of a system, may be a world view. The following portraits show two people from the victim environment with gambling and complain expressions.

Identidades, sujetos y subjetividades. The objective was to approximate to the effects of the images diffused by the graphic media chosen, using as documents the material thickness 9 of the photographs used.


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The face is a measure of social dignity of which an actor is object. An expression of the time was the police and forensic photography of Bertillon 8 who established a massive program of photographic documentation and anthropometric measurement of which numerous exhaustive categorization albums turned out.

This first picture stands out a gun as the starring element. The presence of this group of photographies seems to provide testimony with a particular persuasive force, that is to tell about the danger in episodes of violences at school. On their behalf, the following group of portraits focus on the corporal ornaments that differentiate the faces: Likewise, the sinaxis is formed by paper and digital photographs.

The representation field captured does not provide with precise contest details. Portrait of a law-breaker.

It is the possibility to doncis the whole in the particular, process of production in the object, universe of the particle. It is proof that it is easier to think in images than in texts when trying to remember the information communicated by the media COLEMAN, In the first moment we examined the morphological level and the main part of the photographies without limiting to an immanent interpretation, but we analyze the socio educative idea which expresses through these levels, configuring a global study.