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The hydrogen yield released from irradiated tungsten samples have been measured using TDS-method. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Fitted conversion factors are extracted from the simulation results which include a dependence on the plasma density. In addition, the field line tracing feature of the W7-X webservices was used to calculate the connection length along the path of the probe, for each configuration.

The key result, which somewhat confirms previous studies, is that the ion energy transport channel is dominated by the ITG instability, which becomes stronger at higher densities due to the reduction in impurity content as such, reduction in dilutionas well as a moderate increase in ion temperature normalized gradient.

Log in to watch more. To remove this arbitrariness, by considering an equilibrium distribution function of hot particles interacting with rotating bulk particles, we compute the ‘rotation’ of hot particles. Interestingly, when the T e gradient, the T e turbulence, and the vortex flow shear increase beyond critical levels, the magnetic island turns into a fast electron heat transport channel, which directly leads to the minor disruption.

First, the observations show that the locations of the gradient and the anchor point region are dependent on. It is found that the differences in the second derivatives of and between the peaked and roi rotation cases are rather small, suggesting that changes in the second derivatives are not likely alxm explain the experimental results. Ttoi addition, an optimal tritium breeding ratio TBR method based on the TCM is proposed, combined with thermal hydraulics and finite element technology.

We find that the striated particle flux SPF peaks away from the strike point SP closely fit the pitch of the edge magnetic field line for different safety factors q 95as predicted by a field line tracing code taking into account the helical current filaments HCFs in the scrape-off-layer SOL. Abstract The paper presents DD neutron flux measurements in neutron beam injection NBI experiments aimed at the optimization revei,le target plasma and heating beam parameters to achieve maximum neutron flux in the TUMAN-3M compact tokamak.


Vertically the strike lines are not uniform because of different connection lengths. Proposals for experiments to be carried out in the future to consolidate the interpretation of the results are discussed.

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When the poloidal vortex flow forms, it can maintain the steepest T e gradient and the magnetic island acts more like an electron heat transport barrier. A nonuniform equilibrium magnetic field reveil,e included into the bump-on-tail reveiloe problem of a plasma wave. Abstract The magnetic topology of the stochastic edge of a helical reversed-field pinch, with helicityshows to be deeply influenced by higher harmonicswith the same ndue to toroidal coupling.

Computational results are well fitted by analytic models for the two extreme cases: Parameter dependences of energy confinement are investigated.

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The revei,le island and turbulence can mutually interact via coupling between the electron temperature T e gradient, the T e turbulence, and the poloidal flow. This was compared to a finite element thermo-mechanical model of the system, to investigate any discrepancies between toii two. Further experiments on other tokamaks are needed to improve confidence in extrapolation. Nan Shi, Vincent S. With an ad hoc assumption of the local flattening of the equilibrium pressure profile by the islands, it is found that the primary effect is the increasing of the resonant response by islands, at slow reveillle, due to the reduction of the favourable average curvature effect.

It describes methodologies that were developed in order to assess the capabilities of the Continuous External Rogowski CERwhich measures the total toroidal current in the ITER machine.

Eventually the system saturates at a quasi-stationary state with those islands coexisting in two pairs. Experimental results are qualitatively reproduced by 2D particle in cell simulations.

The electron density evolution in simulations follows exponential increase. Also the concept of a disruption force damper is proposed, able to ‘absorb’ a significant part of the force that would arise on a resistive wall during a disruption. The calculation results indicate that the highest values appeared on the upper outboard target OT area, which means the OT is exposed to the highest radiation conditions among the three plasma-facing parts inboard, central and outboard in the divertor.

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One block was vertically misaligned with respect to the others by a value between 0 and mm, and the surface temperature evolution monitored. Increase in the density limit was observed when the power was launched from the top antenna, consistently with the numerical predictions.

Wolf and W7-X Team. The blocks were exposed at an oblique angle between and with respect to the plasma beam, approaching the low angle of incidence expected in the ITER divertor strike-point regions. A module has also been added for creating systematic data for the International Stellarator—Heliotron Confinement and Profile Database.

Abstract Using high speed imaging of the divertor volume, the region close to the X-point in MAST is shown to be quiescent.

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A rigid, linearised plasma response model for the TCV tokamak is used for the verification and determination of the control parameters. Abstract The aim of this paper is to study the effects of the plasma aspect ratio, plasma elongation and plasma-wall distance on passive reveilld this will be quantified by the plasma stability margin and instability growth time.

The charged particles are affected solely by the antenna RF field at low electron density. Log in with Facebook. Abstract In the first campaign Hoi 7-X was operated with five poloidal graphite limiters installed stellarator symmetrically. This site uses cookies.

Core transport simulations are giving insight into the observed turbulence reduction, profile stiffness and confinement improvement. This also leads to the reduction of the toroidal torques, in particular that associated with the neoclassical toroidal viscosity. A significant reduction of the inferred ion thermal transport coefficient in the pedestal region,due to the non-uniformity effects of E r was also confirmed quantitatively in the H-mode plasma at the initial ELM-free phase.