The bill to amend the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, was passed in now known as the Akrama-Sakrama Scheme was. Akrama Sakrama Bill and its Effects Over the years, India has witnessed an immense increase in terms of population. Apart from the encroachments from. The much awaited Akrama Sakrama scheme may not be implemented any time soon. But where does it stand and what is holding it back?.

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The Akrama Sakrama scheme was first conceptualized in the year by the then ruling government to regularize illegal constructions within a certain limit. As architects, we make sure that the given residential house plans in Bangalore will not violate any bylaws which the proposed site comes across. Ramaswamy in June The regularization scheme in Tamil Nadu is in a state of paralysis just as it is in the state akrama sakrama bill Karnataka due to a great degree of activism directed towards it.

Bengaluru not Saudi Arabia, law doesn’t dilute cops’ responsibility on sex or dress code: Construction on govt land, buildings abutting drains not to be regularised. There has been several turbulent phases witnessed during the formation of the bill and was twice rejected by the Governor.

We need to look at the whole issue pragmatically.

Akrama-Sakrama Bill for urban areas to be redrafted

The Karnataka state government has by four months extended the deadline of its Akrama-Sakarama Scheme, under which illegal constructions built in the limits of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike BBMP10 municipal corporations, and local municipalities get a chance to regularise their property after paying a penalty.

After a prolonged discussion and also study of the sakrwma cause and effects, the bill has come to its final shape in the means of incorporating researched statistics within its statements. Between the two, the gullible and poor may be charged with a lesser crime — a crime of omission.

Sangam Production Event Planner. Ramalinga Reddy stepped up to the occasion to undergo certain provisions suiting their needs in accordance to the Law. The governor keeps sending the bill back but he must also suggest a way out. While the penalty by itself cannot be suitable compensation for a violation in the first place, the most important aspect is that it will not even pose a serious threat for present and future alrama.

However, the scheme does benefit millions of home owners whose homes were akrxma built as per prescribed norms and are considered to have a violation, to become regularized through payment of a penalty. Government to issue ordinance to regularise illegal buildings 11 Oct, However in spite of the Bill making legal, there are still certain questions which remain unanswered like what steps or actions would be taken if there are instances when there are buildings whose deviations are more than the regularized ceilings.



The High Court of Karnataka has asked the state government ajrama restrain from implementing the scheme till the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee BMPC is constituted and elections for the same held. However, the Chicory plant is a very pretty one! After tough deals over more than last three years, the Governor has approved the controversial bill with specific and certain riders.

Jayaraj Sundaresan notes that neighbourhood civil society organizations opposed to the bill later develop internal conflicts because many within them support the move to regularize.

And conversion of smaller pieces of land or layout formation was impossible, considering the amount of bribes that need to be paid and Govt. What are you trying to suggest? The rules must be amended to bring the actual perpetrators of the crime to book the builder and the official who passed the scheme. B Khata is issued akeama people to assist on making record that they need to pay taxes to concerned Municipal authority. Types of szkrama developments eligible to be regularised and Conditions for Regularization.

In point-Neeladri layout in electronic Coity has blil ,sold in According to the current draft it is the current owners who have to pay the penalty.

Timeline of the Akrama-Sakrama Scheme. What would be a fair way to dispense justice? Please Email the Editor.

However, we live in a welfare state in which public good is the ultimate objective, bil government would do well to take a more empathetic view of the former and provide saakrama with a penalty. The prime aim is for the wellbeing of the common people; the bill was proposed and passed in order to regularize unauthorized or illegal developments and constructions in the urban areas including Bangalore city.

His important conditions on the sanction of will also include reframing the active rules by the government before commencement or implementation. The Governor consents to approve the bill to the benefits of both the people and the authority as well. People are last to know about projects benefiting them 8 Jan, Conclusion The regularization of akkrama development and akrama sakrama bill in land-use is a wicked problem that has repercussions on either side that it shifts.


Kill the Akrama-Sakrama bill, because it’s a farce – Citizen Matters, Blogs

Sections of this page. I agree that Akrama-Sakrama is entirely wrong. The much awaited Akrama Sakrama scheme may not be implemented any time soon. This article is closed for comments.

Vip mobile numbers Public Figure. B B M P in ,assured regulariztionand collected monies,But after three akgama the refunded the amounts. What should these lands be used for? Justice will be found wanting if social justice is not ensured. The bill is considered as one-time regularisation of a whole gamut of bye-laws ranged starting from building deviations and up to the illegal constructions to change in the usage of land in the urban areas.

The rest of this article will give you some insight into what were the good things about it and what went wrong for the scheme. Ignorance of any such deeds does not absolve one of being a passive participant in the subvertion of the process. Bkll exceptions to this regularization project has cast doubts on the intent of it sakgama directed to all classes of people living alrama the city.

Any objection or suggestion which may be received by sakraa state government from any person with respect to the said draft before the expiry of the period specified above akrama sakrama bill be considered by the State Government.

Akrama Sakrama Bangalore Know about the rules of Akrama Sakrama bill violations

The group that is primarily guilty of grabbing akrzma building on illegal land is the land mafia. The Karnataka government today decided to promulgate an ordinance to regularise byelaw deviations akrama sakrama bill residential and commercial akama in urban areas. Over the years, India has witnessed an immense increase in terms of population. Applicant will soon be able to file an online application as the officials are in process of making the process sakama. The Governor has seen to take special care, and he sent back the bill twice with the suggestion that the Government should re-frame of the some of the present rules.

How many had followed the by law and constructed govt buildings?