“Dear Experts, I want to make etherchannel with 4 nic port in aix lpars. ent8 and ent9 from expansion box ent12 and ent13 from server pci adapter Now how to. On AIX with “smitty etherchannel”, in the same menu, depending how the fields are filled out, 2 distinctly separate functioning devices can be created. This can. For example, ent0 and ent1 can be aggregated into an EtherChannel adapter called ent3. And interface en3 would then be configured with an.

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If the ethercahnnel adapter becomes unavailable, the Network Interface Backup switches to the backup adapter. Walangkopok June 15, at 6: After this separation has been done check entstat for link status, speed, duplex, transmit errors, dropped packets, invalid vlan tags We had these cris-crossed and it never was Aggregated. Any thoughts on an alternate way to list MAC for it? Incoming traffic is distributed in accordance to the switch configuration and is not controlled by the EtherChannel operation mode.

When any link in the EtherChannel is restored, the service is moved back to the EtherChannel. Given that we configure both the p7 hardware side and our network switch side correctly, we would expect to see greatly increased bandwidth to accommodate the inbound data from multiple TSM clients.

Could you help me writing a script showing which network connections are currently active? I did not find any reference document why I wrote that sentence, so I removed it from the blog. This mode is typically a good initial choice for a server with a large number of clients.


You must manually configure this switch to treat the ports that belong to the EtherChannel as an aggregated link. Multiple connections between two peers likely hash over different adapters. Change the Enable Jumbo Frames value to yes and press Enter. Undesirable – Switch cannot aggregate. Once you have established the etherchannel and Aggregation dont forget to make sure they are indeed Aggregated: The Network guys at our place have this setting as Auto. The Available Network Adapters displays all Ethernet adapters.

If at any time both ent0 and ent1 fail, all traffic is sent over the backup adapter ent2. This does not mean that such configurations will not work. Hello, I need your help with one of problems which occurs, regarding etherchannel: My co worker Luis scripted this setup-lb ip ent1, ent2 primary. Anonymous July 15, at 8: OK – Results in traditional EtherChannel behavior. Thanks in advance, for more details I can post here or we can discuss on private.

IBM-AIX: How to create EtherChannel in aix?

I searched a little bit for this and found this forum, where soemeone wants to do the same: In the General Statistics section, the number shown in Adapter Reset Count is the number of failovers. If the adapters are connected to different switches, those switches must be stacked and act as a single switch. etherchanjel

I was wondering if there is a command that tells me straight out, which interface in the etherchannel is actually active and which is acting as a backup adapter at any given time.


Network Etherchannell Backup, a mode of operation available for EtherChannel, protects against a single point of Ethernet network failure. In AIX 5L with and later, enabling the link polling mechanism is not necessary.

Can you suggest a solution? If you select an Ethernet adapter that is aux being used, you will get an error message and will need to detach this interface before you can use it.

I have a server with multiple network interfaces.

Abdul Rauf Abidi September 10, at Murat December 22, at This status value was derived using a best-effort attempt. At first, congratulations etherchxnnel your blog.

Adapter additions, removals, or changes in an EtherChannel or Link Aggregation

Hi, You said that “Link Aggregation is not a complete high-availability networking solution because all the aggregated links must connect to the same switch” but our network guys tell they can make config LACP both ports on differents switch.

Windows Active Network Connection Override. Aids detection for failover to backup adapter. To solve this problem, a backup option is available that keeps the service active when the main EtherChannel fails. I visit it many times. Hi Murat, thanks for the feedback!