AirTAC is specialized in producing actuators, control components, air preparation products, and accessories, which NACF Series Round Compact Cylinder. AirTAC is specialized in solenoid valve,cylinder and other aerodynamic components and auxiliary components, which are widely used in the automotive, . AirTAC is specialized in solenoid valve,cylinder and other aerodynamic components and auxiliary components, SC Series Cylinder; SC Cylinder[ Parameter].

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Rod cover has mounting groove therefore can be attached directly and accessories not needed.

Standard Cylinders

The main body can be secured from 4 artac, for simple and convenient mounting and use. Bus Bar Icotek Cable Ties: This miniature cylinder has a compact structure and is light-weight. Improvement in non-rotational accuracy, advanced guide function, lubrication free. Adopts a two way seal structure, and has an oil storage function installed. The internal diameter of the cylinder is treated with grinding process forming abrasion resistance and durability.


Improvement in non-rotational accuracy, high precision guide function, lubrication free.

Improvement in non-rotational accuracy, high functional guide function, lubrication free. Improved corrosion resistance and durability by hard anodizing treatment of body.

Positioning and Stopper Mechanism for Pallet Transfer. Multimount cylinder MD series.

Airtac SDA: Pneumatic Double Acting Compact Air Cylinder – SDA20X30S – Trimantec

Stainless steel mini cylinder MF series. Double rod cylinder TR series. Compact structure effectively saving installation space. A large variety of goods for every kind of factories and offices including Protection items, Cleaning supplies, sanitations, office supplies and more.

Compact structure can effectively save installation space. Sensor switch installation is convenient by using the groove for mounting sensor switch on cylinder.

Request for Quotation and Place Order is not available on Chat. Thin cylinder TACQ series with guide lock.

Click to download the SDA Airtac catalog. High temperature tolerance specification, operating temperature max. Longer the guide distance of the front cover, better the guide performance. The piston rod guide has high accuracy; no addition of lubricant is required for the guide bearing. Dual rod cylinder STW series.


If you have any question about our product and service please use the inquiry form. Flange Plates Icotek Locknuts: Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description Riveted structure is adopted to connect the cylinder body and back cover, and piston and piston rod to make it compact and reliable. Multi-sided mounting possible; space saving.

A rubber cushion on the cover reduces external impact. Convenient sensor switch included. Can choose from multiple cylinder inner diameters. Ample series, various mounting brackets. The magnetic switch slots airtc the cylinder body enable convenient installation of sensor switch.

Your feedback is essential for our continuous improvement. An Industrial Guide Using pneumatic components within your machines and […].