AFI 36-3203 PDF

to pay from the United States. Id. at Section (d)(5). AFI , 10 August , Service Retirements, recognizes that ANG officers may accumulate a Supersedes AFI , 10 August Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction sets procedures for carrying out laws, policies and DoD. AFI V1 AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI

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All services have similar regulations in how they process OGDs because of the US Statute that discusses the rules for retirement. Chris Karns said in an email Oct.

The Air Force said on Thursday that af has not changed its provisions governing the use of stop loss, and that it already had the ability to halt the retirement of officers slated to deploy, if necessary. The wording of the instruction makes it clear that the adverse finding is sufficient to trigger an OGD—whether or not you received administrative action as a result of the finding.

This adverse report can affect the rest of your life. Talk to a military law attorney to see what you can do now to help increase your chances of retiring in grade if and when you face an OGD. You got through that process. But those whose enlistment contracts or ADSCs go beyond xfi end of a deployment can only ask to retire or separate if they can show extreme personal hardship.

Now your financial security and livelihood is at stake. And now everything you have dedicated your life to and worked for your entire life is at risk. What you do now can make a difference.

Air Force: No change on stop loss

The old version of the retirement AFI does refer to the stop loss provision in a 36-32203, but that footnote was not applied to sections discussing deployed airmen. Richeson said the revision to the retirement rules was intended to synchronize guidance on deployments and retirements or separations in the previous version of the retirement AFI, as well as three other AFIs –governing assignments, on re-enlistments, and on Personnel Readiness Operations.


An OGD is a serious matter. A reduction in even one grade can mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the span of years afl your retirement. Ferah Ozbek is a retired from the United States Air Force where she served as an active duty judge advocate for over 20 years. Your commander has given you a document with the Subject Line: You paid the price when served with paperwork for your misconduct.

afi – God and Country

This means that your military service will determine if you can retire in your current grade. It is a very serious process that can have lifelong consequences. In all cases, these authorities are exercised with extreme judiciousness. Because of some type of substantiated misconduct—regardless of the seriousness—you will face an OGD.

Never ever give up. Those who cannot show they are suffering from such hardship will have to deploy. Richeson said airmen whose enlistment contracts expire or whose active-duty service commitment expires before the end of a deployment tasking are still allowed to apply for separation or retirement in lieu of deploying.

Officer Grade Determinations (OGDs) What You need to Know NOW–Before you even think about Retiring

Military Discharge Upgrade Guide. Richeson said that the note referencing stop loss in relation to retirement denials for deployed officers “was added to increase aif regarding existing authorities and circumstances under which the Secretary of the Air Force, as delegated from the President, can suspend personnel laws and extend an Airman’s mandatory date of separation involuntarily. For more newsletters click here.

While the reduction in rank is one matter, the reduction in pay is also very significant. The officer, since their last promotion, has been the afk of any substantiated adverse finding or conclusion from an officially documented investigation, proceeding, or inquiry exception minor traffic infractions.

God and Country

You may retire at a lower rank—a rank you worked day and night to achieve during years of tireless service to your country. In an email, Air Force spokeswoman Rose Richeson said that the Air Force’s policies have not changed and that the new Air Force Instruction AFI’s language on stop loss in relation 36-32003 deploying officers was intended to codify rules already in place. Indictments in airman’s death Dad: Air Force spokesman Lt. You have been in the military your entire adult life, served your country on remote assignments, deployed to war zones, near death more times than you can count, and you have been separated from your spouse and children for years due to your service to country.


In any other case in which the commander or other appropriate authority believes an OGD appropriate. She specializes in helping military officers respond to Officer Grade Determinations.

This means that if there was any type of investigation pertaining to you that substantiated an adverse finding—you are subject to an OGD. Defense News Weekly Year in Review On this special edition, we look at some of our biggest interviews–and up close looks we got in Some of it was substantiated. She continues to practice military law and represents military members and veterans who are facing injustice.

What agi you do? You have been investigated for alleged misconduct. Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition. Such cases include, but are not aif to any cases which have resulted in Article 15, UCMJ punishment, reprimand, or admonition within 4 years of the requested effective date of retirement. Officer Grade Determination Notification. The officer adi applied for retirement in lieu of judicial or administrative separation action. Once an OGD is initiated you have 10 calendar days to respond unless you receive an extension of time.

And, since your commander or other appropriate authority can also initiate an OGD when he or she believes it is appropriate, you are subject to an OGD for any matter your command 36-32203 affects whether you served satisfactorily in your current grade.