Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The more a man thinks the better adapted he becomes to thinking, and education is nothing if it is not the methodical.

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Men of the intellectual type of Mr. My own teacher, who had no idea of any directions but who possessed a tradition, said to us in perfect good faith: It is little more than a soft accompaniment to fhe working of the mind, as the hum of the spinning-wheel is to Marguerite’s reverie.

Why should it not be the congruousness or incongruity of two images or clusters of images, accompanied tbe an abstract statement?

The Art of Thinking

All these images may succeed one another with the rapidity of lightning, and, as we generally think of rapidity as a quality of thought, the concatenation will be called thought, but in reality it will only be a sequence of images, as usual. Nothing is more frequent than this superposition of two sets of images progressing with variable speeds.

Yet, the grammar must be swallowed, verbs and all. Abuses are tolerated by the French provided they can laugh, or make cynical remarks about them. If he tries the usual path to success, endeavours to make himself agreeable or popular, curries favour with rich or influential people, he loses his dignity, and the quality of his thinking deteriorates simultaneously.


It is remarkable that Rabelais, Montaigne, Locke, Fenelon, Rousseau, as well as most of the numerous educators who appeared during the nineteenth century, are against teachers.

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The reader finds in it suggestions of ways to estimate the quality of his thunking thinking I heard a bearded Capuchin once say that golden crosses were heavier than wooden ones.

If we will indulge in a little introspection we shall find that our mind is peopled with more incipient obsessions than ideas, and that their presence is largely the cause of our impotency.

But his daily routine still shows two hours given to play as against eleven given to study, and the French champion on the game field, cimnet he happens to be dull elsewhere, will be an object of amused wonderment rather than of admiration.

Then you understand why the more you read of those excellently manufactured stories the less claim they seem to have to be called literature. It is not difficult to go up the scale of moral values attached to magnetic images by visualizing in succession those characteristic of the patriot, the social reformer, the moral reformer, the saint or the great religious interpreter.

The art of thinking

To dance on a volcano is a decidedly French phrase describing a French attitude. Such periods testify to the existence, not of superhuman capacities in a few thunking individuals, but to that of a happy atmosphere helping the growth of the many. Sports are still, and often avowedly so, the essential part of the school life. Nov 08, Arezu Wishka rated it it was amazing. Prolonged solitude accompanied by a little fasting acts in the same way.

In absolute opposition, French schools turn out young people convinced that nothing, except the attainments of intellect, has much right to respect.


Trivia About The Art of Thinking. People forget their childhood, no doubt, and it is a loss which, no matter how lightly they take it, is irreparable. Nine out of ten French schools are located in towns.

Ernest Dimnet – Wikiquote

Aug 09, Chad Gibbons rated it really liked it. The intelligent eyes of the thlnking, helped by his seemingly infallible hands go over the organs of the machine; meanwhile we know that his mind is going over dozens of hypotheses which to us are only riddles. Ask most American boys and girls who have gone through a classical course, and you will find that Latin morphology is as vague in their minds as badly taught Greek is in Europe.

Mar 30, Moustafa El. It recalled Angellier’s own description of Robert Burns in the Edinburgh drawing-rooms.

Put thoughts in writing. One cannot exaggerate the thinjing of the English-American language in the Americanization of aliens. A French teacher is a man who has written, is writing, or wants to write a book, quite possibly a novel or a play, and to whom literary renown is the one glory worth working for.

The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet

But they admit that, while their bodies were inactive, their minds were busy: It will be urged: Another symptom or cause of the pessimistic tendency is the presence in our consciousness of the depressing mental habits dimnef Freudians call complexes. It is really wonderful. The leaves of a certain category of favourites are uncut.