IMPORTANT. This User Manual should be used in conjunction with the DNB DeviceNet Scanner Module. Installation Instructions, publication DeviceNet. Logix DNB. RSLogix RediSTATION. DNB DeviceNet Scanner. Module Installation Instructions(DNB. DeviceNet.) Publication INB-EN-P – April Installation Instructions. ControlLogix DeviceNet. Scanner Module. Catalog Number DNB. Use this manual as.

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We were then able to change the maunal back to 0. Secure any external connections that mate to this equipment by using screws, sliding latches, threaded connectors, or other means provided with this product. Make sure the device at the scrolling node address matches the desired electronic key vendor, product code, product type, etc.

Thanks for your help Fuzzy.

DNB configuration button – Allen Bradley –

See NEMA Standards publication and IEC publicationas applicable, for explanations of the degrees of protection provided by different types of enclosure. The alphanumeric display flashes the codes at approximately 1 second intervals. Touch a grounded object to discharge static potential. Check system for failed slave devices or other possible sources of network interference. You can use any size ControlLogix chassis and install the module in any slot. A 01 N 33 E 72 The following table summarizes the codes.


The scanner module manyal updates the contents of the status structure and copies its contents to the controller.

Conor are you sure you have a DNB I have never come across this configuration button. Firmware minor revision 01 through 3. The mabual automatically performs periodic updates of the structures on a cyclic basis.

Try replacing slave device. Condition off green flashing green 1 1 Indicates Scanner is not online.

Manual 1756-dnb/e eds

Make sure the module properly connects to the chassis backplane. The scanner module receives input data from DeviceNet modules and delivers a copy of these values to the controller. Identify Module Components Use the following figure to identify the external components of the module. Reconfigure the scan list table and remove any illegal data.

1756-DNB configuration button

Device is operating normally. For a UCMM capable device, this means the device has one or more established connections. If your module is connected to the network: Configuration missing, incomplete, or incorrect. Slave device in scan list table does not exist node number alternately flashes. Check the network configuration. With a network connection it displays the MAC ID or network node address, allowing you to select the node address for your module.

You control what information is exchanged through the scan list configuration and associated mapping functions of RSNetWorx for DeviceNet software. The input structure consists of one bit status register and a variable size bit array of up to words for input data. Scanner is in RUN mode, outputs are under control, and inputs are being consumed.


Check accuracy of scan list table entry. No network power detected on communication port. Scanner is in IDLE mode, outputs are not under control, and inputs are being consumed. Do not touch the backplane connector or connector pins.

Automation Systems Catalog, publication B Open style devices must be provided with environmental and safety protection by proper mounting in enclosures designed for specific application conditions. If this product contains batteries, they must only be changed in an area known to be nonhazardous. The node address you selected is already in use on that network.

Follow these guidelines when you handle the module: Anyway during the troubleshooting process the “Configuration button” was pushed a couple of times. Like other slaves, the 1756-dnnb module exchanges data with only one master when it is in slave mode.